Mobo with casing

Every mobo support all of the mini tower casing??

see what mobo ur using and what casing… Normal ATX casing can support Micro ATX and ATX mobo… Micro ATX casing can support ONLY Micro ATX Mobo.

Aiya… If like that, sure hard and mafan for me to find casing that suit with the mobo i bought… Mini tower casing is easy for me to carry around when I need it to connect with my LCD TV to watch HD movie and so on…

then buy a M-ATX mobo la… not hard to find also… hehe…

LAPTOP more suit u, same can watch HD

wan laptop with blueray also got ma…~ XD

And its cheaper too. Most of it that I know lah…

I rather choose desktop because laptop is slower than desktop and laptop more expensive than desktop… I know laptop is light and easy for us to carry but my house area don’t have deconnexion ler… I only can use streamyx for my laptop(IF I BOUGHT ONE) and stuck on my table there when I need to use internet or have to go somewhere that have WIFI connection to connect it… So I rather buy desktop than laptop :)… Anyway is M-ATX mobo really good??

good, M-ATX small ma. but don expect d performance to beat the big mobo

M-ATX got high specs 1 also… Maybe not SLi or Xfire la… M-ATX and ATX mobo is same good, just M-ATX mobo is smaller.

g45 chipset

Why m-ATX where you can get this which is coming out soon?

even more powerful than notebook.

Strongest netbook platform.

NVIDIA claims that a netbook running with the Ion platform should have the same battery life as one running on the conventional Atom + 945G setup.

NVIDIA wasnt able to leave us with an Ion system to test before todays announcement, but we have seen it operational - it works and its tiny. NVIDIAs vision for Ion extends far beyond netbooks and cheap PCs, systems based on Ion could easily be powerful HTPC front ends connecting to networked storage.

Let me also point out that since this is the same 9400M chipset weve reviewed, Ion has full support for 8-channel LPCM over HDMI. Thats even more capable than most ATX HTPCs. If you tossed a 500GB 2.5 HDD in one of these things, you could carry your HTPC with you. Thats probably a silly usage model but it highlights the power and versatility of this platform. Ion is cool.

i dun see whats so powerful bout the laptop… its still just a laptop…

It’s small platform that could be made even smaller than you ever think.

be it netbook or what.

Intel Atom has it limitation… hehe… if people expect faster pc then too bad… Atom is for light users, internet, emails is ok… huge work loads then cannot.

that’s where nvidia’s ION step in.

I’m sure it beat Atom a lot.

Wah… That’s too small… If I on that cpu for 24 hours, that pc sure get burn…


that’s just a reference design only.

More news.

Ion will take netbooks to the next level of Performance

The netbook is driving the PC industry right now – the little systems are characterized by lightweight, small screens, low purchase price, and low performance for the most part.

NVIDIA has announced a new platform called Ion that should add significantly to the performance of netbooks, small form factor PCs, and all-in-one PCs. The key to Ion is that the platform combines an Intel Atom CPU with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GPU. The combination will allow netbooks running the Ion platform to play rich full 1080p HD media and even video games that the traditional netbook couldn’t handle.

NVIDIA claims that Ion provides the smallest premium PC experience available today. Big green says that the addition of a 9400 GPU with the Atom CPU in the Ion platform provides a ten times improvement in graphics performance compared to the typical netbook.

Ion fully supports Windows Vista and the upcoming Windows 7 platform. One of the most important facts about Ion is that it is able to integrate the Atom CPU and the 9400 GPU in about half the space of today’s current Atom CPU platforms. That should mean netbook users have enough room to add RAM to make a viable Vista netbook.

NVIDIA also says that the additional drain on battery life adding the 9400 GPU is minimal. If designers opt to not increase RAM capacity the smaller size should allow for netbooks with an even lighter and thinner form factor.

NVIDIA’s Drew Henry, GM of the MCP business unit said in a statement, “Until now, a high definition affordable PC was an oxymoron. The Ion Platform pairs the GeForce 9400 with a truly great Intel Atom CPU and lets consumers surf the Internet, play top games, edit photos, and watch videos all in high definition. This will really energize the PC market in 2009!”

It is safe to expect to see netbooks using the Ion platform tipping up at CES 2009 in a few weeks. Those planning to buy a netbook may want to wait until ion-based machines are available.

NVIDIA released the 9400 GPU in October. The GPU features 16 cores that are CUDA capable and the GPU takes up half the space of previous integrated GPUs. Shortly after the launch of the 9400 GPU, NVIDIA boasted that it would take the firm to a 30% market share in notebook graphics. With the strength of the netbook market right now, Ion is likely the key to NVIDIA making good on that claim. The 9400M GPU is what NVIDIA leveraged to oust Intel as the graphics provider in the new MacBook systems.

If you doubt the Ion platforms gaming chops NVIDIA claims it will play Call of Duty 4, which we have seen done on a netbook before. Spore executive producer Lucy Bradshaw said in a statement, “Spore looks and runs great with netbook and nettop PCs featuring GeForce GPUs and Atom CPUs. Gamers will be impressed with the Ion platform’s power and portability.”

Certainly, the games will run at lower detail settings, but at least you will be able to play games. Exactly how much the Ion platform will add to the cost of a netbook is unknown at this time.


and so VIA announce Trinity to counter NVIDIA

Get ready to see the netbook war intensify as manufacturers launch new platforms in this segment. With Nvidia’s recent announcement of its Ion platform, VIA Technologies has countered Nvidia with a new 3-chip silicon platform that brings HD performance to ultra compact systems. Codenamed “VIA Trinity”, the new platform is set to provide compact devices with powerful processing, video and graphics capabilities within a comparably low power envelope.

The VIA Trinity platform provides all the Hi-Def performance and latest x86 technology support in three chips that other vendors require in four, yet uses less power. The three chips that make up the Trinity platform are a VIA Nano processor, a VIA VX800 Media System Processor, and an onboard S3 Graphics PCI Express discrete GPU.

The VIA Nano processor are the foundation of the VIA Trinity Hi-Def platform. It’s the first 64-bit, superscalar processor in VIA’s portfolio. The VIA Nano is coupled with a VIA VX800 Media System Processor, an all-in-one, highly integrated digital media IGP chipsets featuring the 800MHz VIA V4 FSB.

The S3 Graphics Chrome onboard graphics accelerator supports the latest DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL graphics architectures. In addition it also supports HDMI output and playback of the latest Hi-Def content with the Chromotion HD 2.0 video engine. The S3 Graphics Chrome is set to delivering the full add-in card graphics experience in an extremely low-power onboard package. Chrome provides hardware acceleration for all leading video standards including H.264, MPEG-4, VC-1, WMV-HD and AVS. … 1-448.html

xxx unknownhackerxxx (too much xx) i think matx is suitable…of coz dun think about sli and Cfire la…some of those mainboards are really fast with those G43/G45/nforce 630i as those chips are also been made to atx (those big sized ones), if you wanna have HD in a small package i think…ps3 eh?