Mobile Phone antenna & booster


Where i can get this stuff in MIri town?
Brief Description:
Features: 1) For GSM 900 systerm 2) Amplifier your mobile signal in the place with weak signal and receptions especially on rural area. :smiley:
It can boost the GSM signal by an external antenna. At the same time, it can connect a Fax machine.
Please call me at: 0135620654 Wong.

heard many kampung folks from bakong are DIY-ing the antenna booster and they work.

ya it true they use DIY antena which install by pak indon and charge RM200 for that. I need this for my kampung somewhere at Bakong and SESCO-less ( i mean battery power is better). till now I cant fine any… :frowning:

oh… Rm200 for the antenna huh? heard ppl are buying RG58 cable to make it (those with quality cable inside). any expert in miricommunity has knowledge on this antenna?

found one unit somewhere in town but it look like TV antenna for me…the towkey convince me this stuff can use for the mobile phone booster…I looking for complete unit that not required complicated modification…sure can make money if i got this stuff since some folks at rural area looking for this item. they got signal at Bakong and Lapok for celcom…after few km the signal were weak…guys any idea?