MNP-Mobile Number Portability

We don’t know how true the statement is… maybe you are just looking at the minority. The rural area such as Niah, Lapuk and some small towns like Lawas and Limbang, people still opt for Celcom. Undeniably, Maxis is working hard on tackling this segment by installing more VSAT and improving on the network. However, it still takes years to convince the rural folks considering the years and efforts Celcom has put in. Despite all this, we should wait and see the end result rather than believing hesay and shesay.

Like the products on the rack, whenever demand is greater than supply, the supermarket will put on the sign: OUT OF STOCK. Same theory goes to telco industry, when the demand is greater than what the telco can offer, network or system down is the most normal circumstance.

Digi is well liked for commonly known as low rate trend setter and in the telco industry is good to have such competitor. Just because it’s cheaper and with more bonuses, do we have to compromise the chance to be more technology savvy? Just bi observing the mobile phone market, from 3G to 3.5G… why b
other to get a 3G phone when you don’t get to enjoy the beauty of the service?

P.S. Solely based on personal opinions, you don’t have to agree or disagree. It’s just a matter on how far you want to get or how savvy you want to be with the modern facilities.[/quote]

the only thing that pops-up in my mind when i got to know about this MNP thingy is ‘how do we know from which operator is the number that we’re calling or calling us’?

jh249: imaging…oh imaging… let me imaging :mrgreen: :mrgreen: or should i imagine? :shock:

Those orang ulu who choose MAXIS must be from Mulu. Cos only MAXIS have service there. Hee…

Those orang ulu who choose MAXIS must be from Mulu. Cos only MAXIS have service there. Hee…[/quote]

orang utan use 085 fix line and skype, more brilliant than us.