Miwako Idol Taiwan - she's 22 but looks like 3 years old

Miwako Idol Taiwan - she’s 22 but looks like 3 years old

devilboy…seriously…i think her eyes is photoshoped…looks like alien to me :mrgreen:

yeah the eye very big oh! :lol:

wah! hantu!

extreamly cute…i got the email already…i love this kind of girl…very cute…

so freaky…

i will not want gals like this to be even my gf

y? :shock: be daughter leh??

imagine your mother looking like that… eehhhwww… :?

if most people say eeeehhhwww to supposedly unnaturally things like a pig with human face, or transexuals, why so many people say this unnatural looking woman is cute…?

babyface ma… if mohter 50+ still look like this of coz is unatural la :smiley:

She must not be from this planet…Cos she don look like one of us…

But seriously, She looks cute …

I bet her mother looks like 13 years old than…

I think she looks creepy.

high maintainces

Oh I know already. My friend send e-mail to me last time about this girl. Lambat cerita

http://miricommunity.net/download/file.php?id=110482&mode=view [size=200]=[/size] http://www.goodyblog.com/playing_house/images/2007/06/20/300067378_139cf5f3d8_m.jpg

the eyes like alien?? hahaha
hey i went to the optician the other day for my sister’s lenses and i found out instead of only selling colored lenses, they also have lenses that makes your iris bigger. like that girl one la. all natural color for asian.
but seriously… if i were a 27 yr old guy going out with her, ppl would call me pedo!

she’s cute nonetheless :wink: like my tortoise :x

I think she’s wearing the cosmetic lens that makes yr iris looks bigger like what butterave said. Ya…she looks cute but then more freaky than cute for her age lor, I think lah. If 12 yr old or 13 yr old…maybe can accept lah with that kind of face…but 22??

now i know y amoi alwez posing like that…they wan2 look younger!!

she is suffering from hormone disorder which make her younger, no?

hahahaahah…harolds. So mean…hormone disorder pulak. Hahaha…