Mitsubishi Pajero Modifications+Parts

I’m wonder Miri where can do these kind of body kit…Do anyone know and around what price? Thank you:D

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2nd pic is alrite I think…

1st, 3rd and 4th pic looks so
“over-modded” already…

By the way, I think Kim Sing in
Piasau Industrial got this kind of
service… But if you’re the first
person to do it definitely more

I have a friend supplying bodykits
too and can make bodykits exactly
like the one you want if you can give
him the pics…

Thanks a lot for ur comments and information :smiley: The friend of urs that u mentioned at Miri too? You are the boss of Marina bay restaurant?

Yes mushroom, the friend of mine is at Miri too…

Lol, nolah I’m not the boss of Marina Bay… Hehe…

in miri try to find maxi ( i also dont know which maxi and for sure miri got a lot of maxi)…his friend can do it…if u want the contact number, search it at find for wira vip…he wants to sell off the wira vip bumper…his friend did the bumper…

[quote=“MarinaBay”]Yes mushroom, the friend of mine is at Miri too…

Lol, nolah I’m not the boss of Marina Bay… Hehe…[/quote]
he’s not Marina Bay’s boss…he’s laupan only :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Check this out…This available in Miri?(The navigation monitor)

Thanks everyone for all information and comment giving here=)

Does anybody know wher can get most of those parts 4 Mitshubishi Pajero? Ur information are very much appreciate :slight_smile: