Miritial D

just something i discovered on the youtube…enjoy…

scene 1



scene 3


scene 4-finale


Wow this is good! There’s actually cinematography inside. Very decent amateur video. Thumbs up thumbs up!

Lol RPM never goes pass 4000rpm though :wink:

Great video for local effort. Really thumbs up.

“I MUGEN u”… and he was driving a Toyota… lolz… :lol:

wah, so free meh?

need more sexy girl la…
need more action but d editing is good

YES!! Finally someone notice this… Scene 1 got some copyright issue… now trying to do some changes… Credits to Kelvin Wong as a director/cameraman/editor. :smiley:

Scene 2 - when Toyota and Subaru went head to head. It seems that the van was faster than both of them. LOL

you didnt post the 1st part of the vid.

That Ken guy is our supllier last time.then he got into an accident last year and lost his right hand.But yeah.good editing.

o O

congrats to the maker. Storyline is a bit confusing but, anyway its good. Pity the informer has to take a bus all the time

Hope next season got ppl sponsor some video cams… Scene 1 is blocked in Malaysia, those from US or Australia still can view them. Now still working on it…

really ah?Im in miri owh.currently at my workplace in curtin here.

ya why no leng lui in da movie ?? hahahaaaa…

Good effort. But yeah, where are the hot chicks from the Underground race scene…

Oh and that van in the scene must have NOS…doesn’t everyone? LOL!! =)

forgot to mention… Pls sponser some leng luis next season also!!!

i sponsor 100 plus… 1 box… enuf ?? ahahaha.

should have block out the car numbers? … else this is a very good evident for the cops = P

what is this?

This is Miritial D

how come 15 years ago got PSP?
i play guli nia back then.

they dint do anythings wrong ley it just a movie, should be legal one. 8)