MiriCommunity.net Stickers

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MiriCommunity.net Vinyl Stickers
Colors: Black or White
Price: MYR 4.00 ea

MiriCommunity.net Transparent Sticker
Price: MYR 2.00 ea

Miri.My Transparent Sticker
Price: MYR 2.00 ea

MiriChat.net Transparent Sticker
Price: MYR 2.00 ea

Authorized individuals to purchase your stickers from:

To purchase your stickers, please call +60138363686 or visit our SOHO address at: No. 68, Jalan Taman Piasau Edar, Taman Piasau, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.



FREE stickers for grab:
[]19th December 2009: Counter-Strike 1.6 Tournament at [url=http://miri.my/wiki/King_Cyber_Station]King Cyber Station[/]
[]23rd February 2012: [-shane-] at [url=http://www.miricommunity.net/puppyshop]Puppy Shop[/][/list][/size]


Creative ways the stickers being used by your community:

FREE stickers for grab:
[list][]19th December 2009: Counter-Strike 1.6 Tournament at [url=http://miri.my/wiki/King_Cyber_Station]King Cyber Station[/][/list]

dont miss the free Mc.net sticker ya

I WILL get it!!!

thanks for the support ya :smiley:

hey coolman. I would like to get one? How do I get it from you?

u can go my shop at desa senadin, shop name S.H Sing Huat Engineering is a construction hardware shop just the rear shop lot of DPS Dua puluh sent supermarket.
if my im not in shop u can ask from the shop workers. 8)

lol… thats so cute!

ok. Thanx for the info.

Good Morning to everyone in da Mc.net :smiley:

Hi guys, any new photos of your stickers to be added to the collection on the first posting? :smiley:

Jack, can you list down a few places to buy from? it would be convenient for interested members to go to.

do u guys looking Mc.net car sticker ??? here’s the location below u can find it:-
u guys may go Desa Senadin Dua Puluh Sen Supermarket at rear shop-lot S.H Sing Huat Engineering selling construction hardware shop.

i wud like 2 hv dat sticker with da wording “oil is thicker than water” below da word -miricommunity.net…can be done o x? hw bout da sz-standard only kh?

-sori double posted- :lol:

how much is the price of that sticker? :roll: :roll: :lol:

check again,atas ada tulis ma,rm4 only…

aiya…bila mau answer my question oo…(lg atas then this myvi5119) wan…

noted on the suggestion above and it will be consider for the next batch of mc.net sticker production. for now, the current mc.net car sticker is still on sale until further notice. tq.

whre to buy

read at the first few posts on this thread. On page 1 of 2.