MiriCommunity.net Scheduled Upgrades

(Jackson Liaw) #1

Hi all,

It has been 8 years now since the launch of MiriCommunity.net in 2006. The underlying system performed wonderfully throughout the years in building our active online Miri community. But as improved system methodologies emerged and being adopted, it is time we upgrade the platform to cater for our growing number of members with room for further system improvements. We really value the community and we are investing time & money to upgrade the software. Software is not what makes our community great, you do. We hope youll support us through this transition.

The plan is to lock the forum at 6pm today for final migration. Users will still be able to access the contents of the old forum after this point but unable to make any new postings. If everything goes as planned, by tomorrow noon the new IP address will be updated on DNS for propagation, and you will be able to see the exciting new forum then. :slight_smile:


(whatman) #2

Hopefully less downtime. Its been happening a lot lately to this site.


(zh@ngting89) #3

yeah!! new updates!!!


(MetalHead) #4

Woohoo new updates!


(Jackson Liaw) #5

Yup, finally moving the forum away from current VPS provider. Too much maintenance at server hardware & network level which contributes to most of the downtime that requires a cold reboot at my end if they forget to do it gracefully.


(Jackson Liaw) #6

Forum is now locked temporarily for migration. Our chatrooms are still working in case you have queries.