Miricommunity.net is under attack

This morning’s post (link: http://www.miricommunity.net/viewtopic.php?p=50157#50157&sid=c4d328c4c14fcf28b9e521ecd0b1a2e2) demonstrated how advanced hackers have been lately.

Anyway to upgrade the security feature on this forum? Just asking.

that is Spam Attack. well…i believe it all forum will had these kind of attack.

Hi Apai_Mau,

Appreciate your concerns, but however, allow me to clarify this. What you have just seen is an action of a spammer, not advance hacker. Spammers/spambot just populates your site with lots of crap; hackers disables the whole website (or worse, take control over it).

With regards to the mentioned posting, it has been deleted. :smiley:

well done Jack ! the only things can do just delete it n ban that register nick. really hard to prevent those spammer.