MiriCommunity.net Bowling Gathering V1.0

[size=150]Hi everyone, guys and gals, young and old… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

MiriCommunity.net Bowling Gathering
Date: 26th August 2006
Place: StarBowl Bintang Plaza
Time: 8pm to 11pm

Bowl start at 8.30pm

Each member are required to chip-in:
RM8.50 per 2 games… Discounted already… And this is for the 1st 20 members only…
(in normal day RM4.20 per game plus RM1.50 for shoe rental…)


  1. Please bring your own socks
  2. If possible, please use only house ball, so that everybody get a chance to win too…
  3. There are no snacks and drinks provided, sendiri2 ok. (if i got more RM then i’ll try to sponsored too…)

MiriCommunity members will get a chance to win and bring home hampers (sponsored by iqmedia). Who will get it? Fairly easy, highest pin knocked down for male and female members.

p/s: The lowest knocked pin get the title “Ayah Pin” :wink: ehehehe

In any case, you’re welcome to give me a call or SMS:
Iqbal Abdullah (hp 019-7468291 / house 085-664266)

Last minute registration to bowl or cancellation is on 12th midnight, 18th August 2006. I got to fax StarBowl the namelist on 19th.

Happy Bowling guys and see u soon… 8) [/size]

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