Miricom Twitter Digest

The Miricom Twitter Digest is now up and running for Miri Community Twitters. To be included in the digest for readers outside of the Twitter realm, just follow miricom’s twitter account and you will be tagged for inclusion: http://twitter.com/miricom

On the same note, the #miricom hashtag for the Miri Community Twitters is also in place.

jack, how come i cant ‘twitt’ at miricom twitter?

ps-my twitter - ladybirdmollyz

Yes you can. I just twitted “@ladybirdmollyz Can you read this in MiriCommunity.net? #miricom” and it appeared as it should. Just remember to include the “#miricom” in your tweets in order to have it show up in miricom. :smiley:

The Harhtag looks good I must say…

Hi Jack,

Just follow your “Tweet” :slight_smile:

Here’s my twitter http://twitter.com/simonlwc

Hi All,

I believed most of the members have limited knowledge about “Twitter”. Here is the link provided for those would like to know more about “What is Twitter?” http://is.gd/3q5jF .I do hope this article benefit you.

Hi All,

Will you follow me…just follow your “Tweet” too.

mine @Azrifaizul

is it possible to delete myself from the twitter digest?

Done Jack…i follow you @miricom huhu, here my twitter handle @armo02

twitter - who got, follow me… new with twitter anyway…

still figuring out how to make my tweet appeared on the tweet list. some help please. i have followed @miricom. put #miricom in my tweet. what am i missing here? :?: