Miricom Photographers Digest

(Jackson Liaw) #1

Hi guys,

Am in the midst of putting a script together for the upcoming Miricom Photographers Digest and I am hoping to get some rss or atom feed from miricom photographers (ranging from the top dogs to the amateurs) to allow me to do some alpha testing before rolling it out for public testing. Just reply to this topic (or PM me) with the URL feed to your photo on flickr or the likes and I’ll have a wider range of data to work with. Thanks a bunch. :smiley:

([-shane-]) #2

a very good news for all the photogs :smiley:

(cIvIc_noob) #3

There you go Jack http://billysphotography.blogspot.com/rss.xml

(sunyangi) #4

does facebook allowed?

(friscod) #5

Err… how far has the project been going…
mine is…

(craziechild) #6


(Lim Pek) #7

http://www.facebook.com/ModePhotography if facebook allowed :smiley: