Miricom bloggers digest top spot hoggers

(Loong) #1

http://inid2tell.blogspot.com/2009/07/t … -shop.html

This post was originally posted yesterday (I read it yesterday), and yet it remained on MC.net’s list for all day, and went up to the top spot today. Now, look at the date of the post on the blog : 29th july 2009. Today’s only the 28th. May I suggest that the admins take action, and if possible, implement a script to this site to monitor the dates of blogs postings. I am not a blogger, but I do enjoy reading people’s blogs, and the ones who usually abuse the date “bug” are the incompetent bloggers who doesn’t even spare a thought for others.

Please do take action.


This one just got up: http://inid2tell.blogspot.com/2009/07/i … femme.html
Date : 30/7

This means that he’s going to stay up there for at least two days. Bloggers with bad ethics. Truely disgusting.

(Loong) #2

Not only that one, but I’m sure most of you have seen this one sitting up there for days already:


And yet the post is dated 28th of july, today. If i can recall, I saw it two or three days ago or so.

(Ronaldo7) #3

The blogger probably had been using a time machine huh :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

(Jackson Liaw) #4

Hi Loong,

Thanks for the feedback. The technical implementation of filtering the dates (either by published date, or update date - sometimes non-existence in feeds) in the digest when considering the feeds coming from various sources with various standards needs a lot more work to be done. But with current setup, it makes it easy to spot the obvious blogging etiquette. Since users are allowed to change their posting dates on their blogs (whether to a future date or past), I suppose the next upgrade to the digest script is to show a random list of articles from the past number of days. But for the moment, you are already doing a good job by flagging such “abuses” and thus allowing corrective actions (e.g. remove blog, etc) and also create awareness among those in the blogosphere. Thanks for that.

(GeminiGeek) #5

Perhaps what you can do is filter out future post? Check feed post’s date vs server’s date and discard any feed that is taken up in the “future”.

I’ve added her blog in Miri Bloggers and see if the abuse works in the system or not.