Mirians' choice of eatery ambience

Hi forumers, i would like to know whether u guys prefer modern cafe or vintage style? halal or non halal, cos im planning to open up a cafe that sell local delicacies n western cuisine. pls giv me some comments?

modern place would be nice and will potentially attract the younger generation.

As a ex restauranteur,
my advice is to keep things simple and target young - mid aged group.
Many mirians are still not accustomed to having a fancy meal believe it or not.

Good luck in your venture.

thanks bro Ronald, but my vintage means the interior design…wouldnt it be nice, unique? like those victorian@british fintage style?



most probably centre point, i have a shoplot there, and my dad is also a chef, so we plan to set up one maybe next year. currently i jus wanna know u guys’ opinions. dont hesitate to comment any negative things, i wud love to hear more from u guys sincerely.

money is not a big deal, as long as we can satisfy the customers based on their opinions n feedbacks. i mean as in interior design, ambience, environment…as for food, no worries. will give u guys a surprise by then. im only concern about the interior design n stuffs lidat.

first of all, u need to know what market are u catering to… second, what type of food… third, u will know how to mix and match once u know the first and second…

isoundstream, noted. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I wud prefer modern. N quality of food is very important. I really hope to see miri come up with nice western restaurant. All the best!

flying_ta, haha i will consider bout modern. cos i personally like vintage…u can feel like ur in england or italy restaurant when u enter the outlet, with flowerish n floral design of furnitures, artistics photos on the wall…with some latin song as the background…etc…tell me more about it.

local foods will do, cheap and affordable, you will make the most money, look at 99 cafe, they are silently earning money

axiatasub, hmmm will combine with varieties of local cuisines as well, no worries, with large portion n reasonable and afforable price.

Awaiting more of your ideas or thoughts, people…

ur vintage idea sounds nice n convincing! :stuck_out_tongue: i would like to see ur idea come true then ! pls do not price the food as in baba & siam there. tiny amount with that price is totally totally not worth it at all!!! plus their quality is getting more n more terrible. i wud say no matter what design u put on, as long as u can present nice quality of food then it can do very well. mirians are picky eater :stuck_out_tongue: haha! just an opinion.

  1. Taste
  2. Service
  3. Price

Interior: Be it “kopitiam” like 2020 n 99 Cafe, western meet Asian like Ming Cafe, the 3 above criteria is most important to me as patrons…Good Luck!!

Cleanliness very important also! Keep it up and we all mc.net forumers sure support if you open up one that mix and match our criterias…good luck!

Noted. yes, these three aspects are very crucial in FnB industry. hmmph…will take this seriously before open. thanks u all. what else…? how bout location? if price cheap, big portion, tasty n delicious, comfortable design n feeling when u dine in, will u go if the location is far from ur home?? for example centre point.

Now, lets talk bout location. will u drive all the way to dine in or tapao if the location is far like centre point, but the food n drinks delicious, big, affordable price with good service??

yes i will definitely go for the food n service despite the location. centre point is still accesible from city area la. during working hours, can still easily go there for lunch if working in the city area.