/!\ Mirian musician, enter here please /!\

(avantgarde) #121

what musical instrument are u looking for, try to be more specific

(garygothic) #122

come find me, i sell music instruments…i can assure mine s cheaper compare to the local music shop here…jus pm me if u ned anything…

(jaylun) #123

hmm… such as branded guitar and piano…

garygothic : where is your shop?

(tensaigamer0) #124

lol showing gear doesnt mean were not real players, knowledge of our gear shows we are real players :slight_smile:

(avantgarde) #125

wrong, i was just missing for a jamm session too much. nice gears anyway guys 8)

(payjul) #126

jamming?..want to join…
guitar(rythm) n vox

(payjul) #127


(avantgarde) #128

[quote=“payjul”]jamming?..want to join…
guitar(rythm) n vox[/quote]
well, just out of the country today. till i come back again, so we have some time to gather some more talent :wink:

(TonyG) #129

long time i didn’t read this thread, do you guys manage to jamming together? :mrgreen:

(agrappa) #130

hi people, i think i’m out of topic but i think this will the best place to ask… where to get ear plugs that protect hearing?and how much will they cost ? not the one that completely block all noise de…
coz my friend is playing the keyboard for church… the keyboard situated beside the drums… when the drummer hit the crash cymbal i can see my friend frown involuntarily…

(ssiapf) #131

any1 know any shop thats selling violin?

(Yong Yu Jiun) #133

I know play guitar fingerstyle. sing a bit. but is not this person.yong yu jiun - Twitter Search this person impersonating me and rape girl say it is me. he do everything evil say I done one.

(gpx) #134

I used to play Guitar years ago. Now barely touch my guitar almost give it up.