/!\ Mirian musician, enter here please /!\

(blueberry78) #61

What? only R&R here?

(vertigo) #62

so now, a musician gathering!!!

time and venue, secret!!


(bunyimanok) #63

we perform for
qmk9133’s big night !!!..

(avantgarde) #64

Langrimba: U also away from miri bro? where u at? so kind of u to invite us to jamm at your studio… betul ka ini?? excited

blueberry: bamboo flute, why not? adds more variety of music background. ok bah kalau kau :slight_smile:

bunyimanok: qmk9133 is going to have his big night? WHEN? WHEN??

(sadisc) #65

Still looking for keyboardist, maybe alom can join us…? thanks avantgarde…bak kata TripleM i’m just an amateur hehehe…neway i oso hav studio at home.

(aLoM) #66

im not soo good on the keyboard tho…still a noob…but if guitar or bass can try la…hehehe

(TripleM) #67

Bah… bila gik? When are we gonna have a jamming session?

(avantgarde) #68

haiyaa…u guys make me geram only. today i’ve just travelled away, not sure when i’m coming back. anyway, if u guys can organise the first gathering that’s good. i’ll join in next time when i come back to home shwweeett home. bring it on fellas!

(TonyG) #69

bila gik? ehehehe, anytime, I’ll wait…
but… what genre do u guys want to play?

(bunyimanok) #70

I think you’re waiting for the answer to be Gothic metal. :mrgreen:

(TonyG) #71

I think you’re waiting for the answer to be Gothic metal. :mrgreen:[/quote]
u really understand what i’m waiting for and my taste of music, hahahaha, good2

(Athrun_zala_faith) #72

waaa…the band will be named The Miri community music Band!or the name too suck?

(avantgarde) #73

TonyG: metal sounds good, i’m a universal player (can’t wait to be back!)

Athrun: the name is too long and doesn’t sounds commercial la. if it’s something related to Miri Community, should name it The M.C Band then :mrgreen:

(aLoM) #74

hehe… i just bought a cute little amp few days back…a roland microcube.sounds wicked…

(avantgarde) #75

how much does it costs you, aLoM?

(pornstar) #76

it does sound good for such a small amp…or should i quote “cute amp”

(aLoM) #77

haha…rm360. I was quite surprised that such a small amp could produce such massive sound.hehe…bought it from our very own pornstar…haha…

(pornstar) #78

yeah…and im selling off my guitar as well…can check it out at the link in my signature below. alom, you try using good headfones and plug it into the amp…it sounds damn marvellous!!

(avantgarde) #79

aLoM & pornstar: wow, some trading had been going on here. well pornstar, nice guitar. hope it’s still available for me to try when i get back home. anyway, free bump for you right now.

(aLoM) #80

yeah…better get it fast…so good stuff for sale.