/!\ Mirian musician, enter here please /!\

(avantgarde) #1

Dear all musician in Miri, just want to share the same interest; Anybody, who can play any musical instrument, please come up here and let’s talk & share about the music you listen and play, and, how long had you played your instrument. Singers / guitarists / bassist / drummers / keyboardists / etc., does not matter. FYI I’m a guitarist and I’ve been learning guitars on my own for the past 9 years. Used to have a rock band, and still really interested in jamming, of course, in a band. So guys, anybody here had the same interest with me, welcome here :wink:

(Athrun_zala_faith) #2

i used to know how to blow harmonica,but many many years didnt blow already,mustve lost all the skill…

(avantgarde) #3

harmonica is an interesting instrument. simple, but yet can produce very impressive sounds and tones. err…when is the last time u blew a harmonica anyway, athrun?

(Athrun_zala_faith) #4

primary 6…i am a boy scout last time when i was a child…now i am 23 years old(at this 31 ogos)…long long time ago already…i cannot remember a thing already…my teacher teach me how to blow last time…can blow simple song…now no more… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: sorry ye…

(avantgarde) #5

LOL. that’s a very long-time-ago story lah then. and surprisingly u are one of the merdeka-born-child! nice :slight_smile:

(Langrimba) #6

Guys…Once upon a time in the eighties, I used to be one of the Band guitarist (Bassist) not really good but I enjoyed playing and listening to music… Because music was part of my live, I opened one Studio - a Mini Recording and a Jamming Studio in Miri. Even thought it is a mini Studio but the studio is registered under a Sdn Bhd company. If you like to have your own music to be properly recorded, I can help you with a very minimal rental and technical fees…

(bunyimanok) #7

Ok,here’s mine then.
I’m a guitarist and been playing the guitar for 5 years.I mostly play song genre like Rock,Jazz,Heavy Metal or Latin Guitar.Used to have a band but already dissolve.So now,I’m just being solo. :smiley:

(vertigo) #8

Me not really a musician ler…just one of my hobbies…yeap, my story is a bit like bunyimanok, can play guitar, i.e rhythm, bass and a bit of lead…can play drum also…used to have a band, but dissolved already due to pursuing more promising carrier…huhuhu…been playing guitar for almost 10yrs, music genre back then were more to alternative rock, indie pop and hardcore. now more to church gospel song…hehehe…makes my heart and soul calm and peaceful when listen to those church tunes…8)

no doubt, will encourage my kids to learn playing piano/keyboard/organ so they could play for the church when they grows up in the future.

(avantgarde) #9

bunyimanok: looks like u are a rocker ya? so now u just play your acoustic guitar at home, like me? :stuck_out_tongue:
so, which group influences your style of playing, i mean for the rock/heavy metal genre.

qmk9133: yeah bro, playing gospel song, indies’ pop and some slow rock does make me feel calm too. the spirit is not as full-of-rage and anger like when i still play these korn, limpbizkit, slipknot, linkin park and manson songs. so u can paly drums & bass & rhythm & lead guitars as well.

sounds like we can jamm some time here :slight_smile:

(Athrun_zala_faith) #10

merdeka born child so good meh?also same…

(avantgarde) #11

at least u are very sure that on your birthday sure is a public holiday as well, athrun

(avantgarde) #12

no more musician in miri?? anyone else?

(Athrun_zala_faith) #13

donno…i am no musician…but i know many people can sing quite good in miri… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

(avantgarde) #14

athrun: u mean karaoke kah? hehe

(bunyimanok) #15

you miss out Langrimba?

(avantgarde) #16

you miss out Langrimba?[/quote]
where is mr Langrimba? we need some more musician to show up here. i believe there are a lot more talented local persona here in our community. let’s share the passion guys, and of course, ladies too 8)

(Athrun_zala_faith) #17

some people especially girl can sing quite well…can count in as music?or just singer?

(avantgarde) #18

some people especially girl can sing quite well…can count in as music?or just singer?[/quote]
of course, buddy! singer is the one who completes your whole music - they are a part of the whole music as well. can u introduce any MCnet’s girl’s singer? :mrgreen:

(TonyG) #19

I used to jamming headbanging with my friends when i was in college (metalhead) … i’m playing keyboard and guitar, my primary instrument is keyboard, but since i finish my study, i’m no longer active…
ooo ya, 12 yrs ago, i’m playing organ for my church :mrgreen:
but…i’m worried too… my skills faded day by day… huhuhuhu

(Athrun_zala_faith) #20

TonyG…atleast you actually know how to play musical instrument,me?i only blow harmonica when i am a child,and i think i lose all the skill completely!huhuhuhr…nice lah…can play music…