Miri Will Become 'Ghost City' If Crime Goes Unchecked, Says

Miri Will Become ‘Ghost City’ If Crime Goes Unchecked, Says Criminologist

MIRI, May 4 (Bernama) – Miri can become a “ghost city” if crime cases are not checked effectively, world renowned forensic scientist and criminologist Dr Henry Lee said Sunday.

Lee said that in his almost 50 years experience in law enforcement and solving crime cases, he had seen cities and even countries collapsing over the failure of the authorities to combat crime.

Stressing that every crime case must be nipped in the bud, he said the authorities must be pro-active in dealing with the situation, no matter how trivial the crime could be.

To be pro-active, the police and local authorities must be able to study crime patterns and trends to guide them to draw effective strategies to curb recurrence of similar crimes, he said when delivering a talk on “Crime and Vandalism” jointly organised by the Miri City Council, Rotary Club of Miri and Miri Anti-Vandalism Committee.

Lee said: “Crime, economy and society are inter-twined. With one billion crimes committed around the world every year, it had caused loss of income, loss of economy and loss of human life. This is a great tragedy.”

On vandalism, Lee said despite being categorised as petty crime, the effect to a city could cause depreciation in property values, higher insurance rates, losses in business confidence and eventually leading to even worse crimes.

Lauding the organisers’ efforts in highlighting vandalism as one of the crimes to be tackled in this city, he also cautioned on the emergence of computer vandalism that had caused great concern in the United States.

Born in China and grew up in Taiwan, Lee first worked for the Taipei Police Department, attaining the rank of Captain.

With his wife, Margaret, who is a Mirian, they moved to the United States in 1965, and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science from John Jay College in 1972.

He furthered his studies in biochemistry at the New York University and received his Masters degree in 1974 and a PhD a year later. He also underwent special training at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and at several other law enforcement organisations in the United States.

In 1975, Lee joined University of New Haven where he set up the School of Forensic Sciences that had now become the world’s leading training centre that provides training for law enforcers from throughout the world.


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early this year, thebiggest con that was high-lighted in the UK, is immigration.

big buisness wants cheap labour,
Government statistics dictated there was 60,000 jobs reqd filling.
Government allows their Corporate ‘sponsors’ to bring in immigrants, to fullfill these vacancies.

5 years later, there are still 60,000 jobs available,
but now they have 2.4 million extra ppl in the country… immigrants,
who bring with them their own cultures & their own problems.

Sarawak, being run by a few buisness men, means you have serious problems ahead.

young lady in this forum, now recovering from having her car stolen this weekend.
sadly a very very frequent problem in Miri.
BP high-lighted today that Police were being issued Kancils & Kelisas to patrol these borders.

who say it’s against cina culture to become cop…?

i am a chinese and i dont mind to bcome cop…which section of pantang and law how much state that oh?

Yup. On my 10th month here, car’s POOF! vanished…

is i only wish that Malays were strong enough to be able to ask others for advice…

30 years ago, Triads ruled in southern China, HK but is now that most of that has been eradicated.
is now LOTS safer to walk around any of the Chinese cities, at any time of day or night,
than it is to walk or travel these roads here.

sadly Malays are too tied up in the politics of religion, & can’t be seen to ask ‘outsiders’ for assistance.