Miri where got trustable desktop or laptop seller or pc repair service?

I send my computer to pc image. i tell them got blue screen. pc image format my pc i pay RM 60. He say very irresponsible word. blue screen u have to test yourself. this means fools ppl and no heart wanna repair your computer. i left 1 day my computer there to let them have to time service but they didn’t do it. When i reach to the shop they start picking my pc make show servicing my computer. I swear to god i wont go there fix pc anymore. cheat ppl one. then i go permy that technician tell me dota 2 runs on graphic no run on ram. from here i know her technician level. but thanks god she fix my harddrive atleast my computer not that bad now only got blue screen problem. I lazy pay and pay money to fix my computer i wish totally change my computer. I tired. Conclusion dont buy pc image item dont support them. I know someone spreading rumor say I am idiot probably curtin classmate because they jealous of my life. miri ppl like bully me on street by gossiping me. make use of me as topic. wtf man. some of u ppl really sick in gossip. only ppl brain with full of broken virus like to judge ppl talk bad ppl. STOP THINKING ME AS IDIOT OK…■■■■ U PC IMAGE. I know I being followed by ppl because I being forced by some bad ppl to microchip implant to trace me. they like know where I going waiting me. unfair of my life. I deserve fair life like normal ppl! ■■■■ you mirian repeatition dog!

i can help you if you want, but i’m charging rm50 for full repair(reformat and troubleshooting