Miri where got institute have IT course in pc and laptop repair and networking?

Need help in knowing where got any place to study that IT course.

why nobody answering?

Everybody gone to facebook. Not much smart people reading this forum unlike last few years back. Btw there not much info about institute that does particular subject about repair and networking. But if its counted as whole diploma and degree course then you should look into colleges and university in miri like this one: Bachelor of Computing | Courses and Study | Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia

I assume you just want to learn and not going for a cert for a job. There’s a lot of online courses you can try, checkout EdX or Udemy. It’s easier if you know what you need to know, then research that topic and try to understand enough to move to the next level. For example if the laptop won’t boot, look into boot manager, what’s involved during the boot process…etc. Stay curious!!!

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