Miri tightens hygiene rules

[size=150]Miri tightens hygiene rules[/size]
Thursday January 18, 2007
source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2007/1/18/nation/16600805&sec=nation

MIRI: A new benchmark for food hygiene and public health in Sarawak is to be established following a decision by the Miri City Council to only allow food outlets that have passed very stringent hygiene requirements to operate.

The council decided that only outlets certified under Class A and Class B, the top two categories, will be allowed to sell food.

The food outlet rating system was implemented a few years ago. Food outlets in this border city are classified from Class A to Class E depending on their standard of cleanliness, the way the food is prepared and handled, the condition of the toilets, the lighting, the space, and the cleanliness of the utensils, among other things.

Class A are those in the high-class categories, like air-conditioned restaurants, while Class E are those outlets operating in old coffeeshops and on the streets.

Miri City Council will be the first local authority in Sarawak to limit the issuance of licence for public food catering to only two categories.

The council had informed the state government of the decision, and Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam supported the move.

Miri Mayor Datuk Wee Han Wen said yesterday that the rating system for food outlets would be marked up by considerable levels to ensure that only those outlets that were clean and professionally managed were allowed to sell food to the public.

We used to allow food outlets up to Class E classification to operate. This will be a thing of the past. Very soon, only those outlets that are certified under Class A and B will be given the licence to operate, Wee said after a meeting chaired by Dr Chan here.

Wee, who is the also chairman of the Miri City Corporate Committee for Environment and Health, said in the past, the council had exercised a lot of tolerance, even allowing those that only managed to attain Class E to sell food.

Due to increased health threats and greater concern on health issues, the council must be more stringent in ensuring the cleanliness of food sold to the public, he said.

Dr Chan said the state government supported the councils tough stance and hoped it would be emulated statewide.

It’s a gud step 2 giv d city a clean image… :wink:

tats a gud move :slight_smile:

I was thinking of writing something about that on my blog. Looks like I’ve been stalling for too long, they caught up to me.

Very good decision…But in future it will all boil down to enforcement…one wonders how some restaurants in Miri manage to get B grade where in actual fact shoul have been given C grade…for my part I just boycott restaurants that are not clean.

agree with Bones. My experienced with one of the A grade restaurant. Found a cockroach in my food. yucks!

i think the authority should make the grading system public. beside that, customer feedback must also be included (if currently it did not) in the grading system.

my question is…

if cannot get license how to open shop if opening shop requires license? get what i mean?

[quote=“soulfly”]my question is…

if cannot get license how to open shop if opening shop requires license? get what i mean?[/quote]

u can get a license to open a shop. the grading was only done after the shop was open.

i don’t think this news is bad for food outlet owner. only those who do not care about the health of their customer need to worry about this news. for those who care a lot about hygiene, they will be more than happy to hear this news.