Miri Tennis Club

Anyone can advise how to join Miri Tennis Club? I saw a few tennis court near the indoor stadium. TQ

I would also like to have more information as well. Please share if anyone have any details. Thanks in advance.

hav to book de courts at Pusat Belia…near st columba…de place whr u can c lousy tennis courts n a large football field…book dere… :slight_smile:

i’m sellin tennis racquets at very good price…jus pm me if u need anything… :slight_smile: viewtopic.php?f=74&t=25539

Does anyone has a contact no for this Miri Tennis club? I’m interested in joining. Where is it based ?

i’m selling a racquet too , still in good condition , wilson K Pro Team , green colour
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Hi this is coach gerhard you can get in touch with the Miri Division Lawnt Tennis Association via h/p 010 273 61 85 look for coach gerhard, we are based at Miri Tennis Center

thank you