Miri Savvy Onwer's thread

Any Proton Savvy owner in MC.net? We can share info and problem about our cars here.

Many people think that Savvy AMT is expensive to maintain and repair, yes if you know nuts about your car problem and blindly send your car to SC or any workshop to repair. Common problem with AMT is the AMT unit (some refer it as the robotic arm…although there’s no really any arm in the mechanism). The cost to repair ranges from RM2k up to RM10k … depends on how badly you get conned. Ahahaha.

Because recently my family’s Savvy AMT got problem where it cannot start, and the transmission warning lights up (mean transmission overheating, etc.). Luckily I googled the local Savvy forum (savoc.net), and found out that the actual cost to repair the damn thing can cost less than RM100 (probably less than RM200 if take into account the expensive labour cost in Miri). If you send your car to EON or Proton Edar, they might just replace the whole unit which is silly. Easy work for them, more profit, and more pain to our pocket. And also one thing, they might use hydraulic fluid (for the AMT unit) which is not the recommended as in the manual, lower grade, but still useable, and cheaper cost (but we pay extra for it). There’s a long term effect if you don’t use the suggested brand/type of lubricant for your Savvy.

I’m not so confident to send out the Savvy out to any workshop for repair now, planning to check out the AMT pump myself over the weekend. There’s a guide on Savoc.net about it. But the problem is I might not have the right tool to open stuffs :lol:

If you guys know any workshop that actually know about Savvy and not doing stupid claims or anything (I really hate mechanics who talk like they know everything just because they’re mechanics… found a few around town already).

So anything to share guys?

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it could be the clutch pump, or it could be the AMT pump… but normally the AMT pump is the issue since it gets overheated easily. one tips i heard is to always use the aircond so that the car cooling system will run both fans instead of just one.

the clutch pump is rarely very problematic. usually it gets worn out seal only… which the rubber seals can be replaced at low cost. you’ll be asked to ask to replace the whole damn thing if u get conned. lol.