Miri Rockfest! \m/

On the behave of the organizer of the
next Rockfest I would like to announce
there will be another Rockfest on 30th
June 2007.

Venue: Relax Music Cafe (Next to Submarine)
Time: 7pm onwards
Ticket: RM10.00 per person for band fee
is RM 80.00

1st prize for band competition is
RM350.00 and a Trophy
2nd Place RM200.00 and Trophy
3rd Place Trophy

Other prizes also will be given to lucky
audience. If you manage to dress as
ROCK! as you can, that is for Best
Appearance. and to keep things romantic
there will also a prize for Best Couple.

For More info you can contact Mr. Martin
Thay 0168513135 or send me a message

Forms are available at these studios:

  1. Studio One (Pelita Tunku)
  2. Square One (Saberkas/Piasau area)
  3. Living Sound Studio (Lutong Baru)

Come along all Rockers, Metalheads or live music lovers, put on your best rocking cloths you might just win and bands… lets ROCK THIS CITY TIL’ IT SHAKES!

ah yes i forgot to contact me email me on this address: letthesinsbegin@hotmail.com

don’t try to add me to friendster using this address you’ll end up adding my band, if you wanna add me here, letthesinsbegin@yahoo.com cheers!

is this the same with the Rockfest in Latong that day? till 4am??

the same Rockfest at Latong, however it would not be until 4am. That day in Latong finish at 4am was due to bands are more than expected joined Rockfest, this time it is more like battle of the band, and if I am not mistaken the judges are members from Raja Bersiong