Miri police surpass state’s 35 pct charge target

Khoo (seventh left), Stanley (sixth left) and others give the thumbs-up
after the certificate presentation.

Khoo (seventh left), Stanley (sixth left) and others give the thumbs-up after the certificate presentation.

MIRI: The police here have opened 1,377 cases in the first 10 months of this year.

From the number (1,377), 549 cases or 40 per cent have been successfully charged in the court, the city police chief, ACP Khoo Leng Huat, revealed during a monthly assembly held at police headquarters here yesterday.

It was Khoo’s first appearance at the monthly assembly since taking over as the new city police chief from ACP Junaidi Bujang on Oct 5.

His deputy Supt Stanley Jonathan Ringgit and Miri Ex-policemen Association chairman Han Hapeni were also present at the assembly.

“Our success rate (40 per cent) has surpassed the state’s target of 35 per cent,” Khoo said.

In 2015, 687 cases (44 per cent) were successfully brought to the court from the total figure of 1,576 cases opened.

Besides the high commitment given by his officers in delivering their crime prevention work, Khoo also credited members of the public for their cooperation in increasing their Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Also during yesterday’s assembly, he presented 41 excellence certificates to 38 policemen of various ranks and three to members of the public – Abang Saiforizam Abang Ariff, Malateh Mahmud and Aaron Abel Donald Lingan.

The trio, during a routine patrol at Pujut 3B neighbourhood on Nov 5, managed to foil a house-breaking attempt.

Their bravely led to the arrest of a suspect.

Khoo said: “To tackle crimes effectively, we need to involve the public, which I believe can lead to greater trust in crime prevention efforts.”

He also thanked the media in helping the force(police) to tackle crime.

“The media is a tool used to engage the public in crime prevention,” he said.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/11/17/miri-police-surpass-states-35-pct-charge-target/