Miri people aware this bossventure scheme

I dumped RM 3300 get back RM 850. and then it change business plan. prove they dont have any sense of trust from people way they do things. Now the plan need spend more to earn money…how can u earn money by it by spending more and more.Overall their plan is scam ask u spend more and more.this is my personal experience for boss venture. I was cocky claiming i earn good money just because earned back 800…something after that it changed plan ask u to spend more after u pay the license. say no to this ■■■■. Siapa nak tangkap buaya besar ? aku sokong kamu…aku tak ada duit hire lawyer…sesiapa yang kaya send them go holan. spread every corner of the forum of this…let everyone know and your love one dont get scam by this bossventure…let their company MATI KIAO KIAO!.