Miri PC Fair Coming Again 18-04-2008 ~ 20-04-2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miri PC Fair is coming again…will u ppl go and c…
Wat will u buy from the PC Fair…pls give ur opinion…thanks

Sure will go see see, but everytime also same same one… any special event or new products this year?

Will go and have a look if I am free…Anything new this year??

stupid pc fair last time…ntg special to buy…


Be is iPods, Macbook, or even hacked iPhone, all will do, just APPLE.

Well, I think I won’t buy anything from there. Maybe cameras? Not sure.

I bring APPLE (the fruit) and sell to you, can?

Im thinking of getting a camera… This fair is coming at the right time… Hehe…

I am hoping for more different brand of notebooks and pc besides of their accessories! Other products just like camera, handphone, pda, ipods, xbox, projector, and so on can be shown during pc fair! Cheer!

i’m looking for NAS, external RAIDx, for photos, video, BT, etc.
anyone got good and cheap solution?

buy burger and cola

Hope to see more info on deconnexion, broadband, 3G and more mobile computing.

jgn kena tipu kawan.
pc fair in miri dun offer big discount like in west msian.

only show the products that they r selling.
i wanna see hot promo girlz!!

Good time to give out free miri community fliers / car sticker.

got sell headphone and mp3 player? :stuck_out_tongue:

got sell pirated softwares? With hot booth girls promoting APPLE!

i hope can find cheaper laptop…
and mayb oso a camera :lol:

prices for PC fair in miri is not cheaper one a ?

[quote=“kcishere”]i hope can find cheaper laptop…
and mayb oso a camera :lol:

prices for PC fair in miri is not cheaper one a ?[/quote]
if compare to semenanjung the price was a big different like sky and land :stuck_out_tongue:

prices of pc fair in kk is cheaper
but dunno abt miri :oops:

my teacher tell me that pc stuff at kk and kl was cheapest…dont know lah

do any of you know where can get the price list so i can save up my money for a new rig, build custom

To be honest the pc fail in Miri mainly the purpose for advertise the company name to public and show what kind of product they are dealing. Talk about the price, it is not cheap like a normal daily sales price but of course they will take some item or model in quantity from supplier and sell at damm cheap price to attrect attention.

Just my 2 cent thought, no offence :roll:

Well it is not bad to take a visit, can see some hot chick there kekeke :mrgreen: