[MIRI] Miri Mayfest Celebration - 24th May 2008

Date: 24/5/08
Venue: Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club
Time: 11am until 1am
Cover Charge: Pre Sale/ Door Sale before 5pm - RM15, After 5pm - RM25

Program Lists:
(Day Time)

  1. Live Band Performance - Bands from Miri & Brunei
  2. Hot Dance - The Love Dancer, Angel’s Club & Dancing Shadow
  3. Shuffle Dance - ConneXion, Hard Style Devils & Hard Style Ravers
  4. Singing - Singers from Miri & Brunei
  5. Artist - “Estranged” Meet the Fans Session

(Night Time)

  1. Live DJ Mixing:Cbell J (Miri), Frequency K (Miri), Fiesta (Brunei), Marshello (Phillipines) & Ganjaguru (Kuala Lumpur)
  2. Special Birthday Session: Birthday Boy - Ganjaguru
  3. Free Dancing Session

Other Activities:

  1. Modified Car & Bike Show
  2. Paintball
  3. Rafting
  4. Extreme Games
  5. Hair & Fashion Show
  6. Tatoo Exhibition
  7. Body Art/ Piercing
  8. Street Magician
  9. Clown
  10. Photo Taking Session

*Any inquiries please contact: Cabell Enterprise - Perchical Jeff (016 650 3777), Ken (016 874 3991) or Shine Marketing - Bryan (012 888 0313). Thank you!

Waseh got Modified Car & Bike show, Yong 9009 want participant or not?

I will be there!

aduhhh ‘Itu Kamu’ gonna be in Miri auuuwwww…cant wait to see the tattoo exhibition…can we have the program itinerary, please?

nama gagak nuan diak cakk?? kemaya nuan kiak? serta tua aok?? :stuck_out_tongue:

wow!! i will be there…

hi … im clara … really interested to go … do we have to pay for any fees :smiley:

Got this on Today’s Newspaper

The Miri Motor show is for new salon cars by the car dealers.