Miri Losing Out Bruneian Tourist to KK and Labuan?

I have many friends from Brunei who have not visited Miri for the past years although some of the are just a few minutes drive from Kuala Belait,they confess that most of them drive to Kota Kinabalu or Labuan by Ferry. There are about 300,000 bruneians and when we translate this to tourist income Miri would certainly benefit.When one takes a drive from Miri to KK it we cannot but feel that our roads accessibilty need to be improved.

They aren’t any attractions in Miri.
It’s just a so-so attraction which won’t be maintain plus Mirian rarely held a large event besides Jom Heboh and Citrarasa.
The quality sucks, you pay what you don’t deserve.
High price should be high quality but instead, the other way round.

I guess that’s the factor.

No. Look at the cars in Bintang Mega Mall Free carpark every weekends. I wouldn’t say mostly but there’s a lot! Bruneians like the new Bintang. Shopping crazeeeeeee. Your friends are only a small part of Brunei, if they prefer KK/Labuan over Miri, that’s their preference. Maybe you generalize all Bruneians act the same way? NO imo.

They don’t want to come here before there’s no McD’s breakfast.

No sausage egg mcmuffin = no tourists! =P

Pc fair sure lots of them come here :smiley:

my bruneien friend say so cheap… @.@ i say expensive… :frowning:

The presence of many brunei cars in Miri does not mean that these are Bruneians,I drive a brunei car but I am a Sarawakian and I too come back during the weekend,if we have the 10% of the 300,000 bruneians which denotes to 30,000 bruneians and another 10% out of the 30,000 local/bruneians with brunei cars that’s 3,000.While this helps us economically as money earned in Brunei from Mirians is brought back to KK I am still for the real Bruneians shopping in Miri.That’s a fact and Food for Thoughts.

well, numerous rumours also arises from bruneian cars being stolen, police negliegence & laziness in countering the crime and etc.

That’s true. You forgot to add also KL. For Miri it has been 20 yrs & the freshness has already gone :mrgreen: Not only KB, people in BSB would choose KK. I just checked BSB-KK flight through AirAsia, its $30. Also we figure out things in Miri aren’t so cheap anymore if you take time to compare around the prices here. If you browse around Bruneian blogs nowadays, in public or school holidays its mostly always KK/KL

Maybe should change the name to KM = Kuala Miri :smiley:

this have to thanks to those ppl who owes steal brunei car. they dun dare come miri shopping… later car missing…

Labuan is haven for shopping. No tax. Cheaper liquor and beer. cheaper chocolate…

dunno… nvr been to Labuan b4…

Labuan heaven for shopping?
Are you sure man?

What I see there only ONE shopping complex called Ujana Kewangan…
Other place, the standard is like Nam Leong or Sin Liang…

Even the Ujana Kewangan… doesn’t satisfy me… :expressionless:

But can’t deny about the cheap liquor and beer thou! :mrgreen:

Labuan heaven for shopping?
Are you sure man?

What I see there only ONE shopping complex called Ujana Kewangan…
Other place, the standard is like Nam Leong or Sin Liang…

Even the Ujana Kewangan… doesn’t satisfy me… :expressionless:

But can’t deny about the cheap liquor and beer thou! :mrgreen:[/quote]

What I meant is haven for liquor,beer and chocolates. Hehehe…

Miri not safe to the Brunei people…

Frankly, though my bruneian friends said they don’t like Miri, which not safe, not as interesting to KK, nothing much to offer…but the truth is, they still come to Miri every weekend! Sometime on weekday I see them…for wedding dinners, for cheap foods, for liquor, for shopping etc etc. Why not? For every B$100, you get to exchanged for RM250.00., enough for all the expenses you need at Miri, and still can have so many times for last minute shopping, and drive back before 10:30pm…

Drive to KK? 5 hours road trip, not including time you spend at kastam…By flight? Two hours check in (Air Asia) have to wait at Airport…then arrival kastam clearance again, check in at hotel coz you cannot make day trip simply not enough time…and mind you luggages are only 15kg…But when they come to Miri they buy up the whole car full of stuffs, even plants!!

So, unless there is long holiday, cant denied Bruneian fly to KL, KK or Singapore…But on normal day, I still getting calls from my brunei friends saying “Hey, any program tonight at Miri? I come down from KB now…” Then I see them half an hour after that! Miri lossing Bruneian tourists? You tell me!

labuan is pretty boring, the town ‘lights off’ after 6, booom, all quiet at night. its good though for those who like yacht sailing or love the island feel. seafood, chocolate & some local food there are nice too. rba, the brunei national carrier has constant airfare promotions to kk, the latest being $49 arrive at 9 leave at 6 fare (http://www.bruneiair.com/promotion/ex_b … _promo.asp), hence the reduced visits are expected.

nevertheless there still remain a number of people in kb going to Miri regularly. if u look at it, there is a significant amount of rich people in kb, (considering they own a lot of businesses here) but the areas there is like a forgotten land, no development, no etc, dead town. $ is all poured to develop bsb & surrounding areas only. if i were those people there i likewise will go miri frequently, since going down bandar take more than 1-1.5 hrs. though recently they have plan to build a new international airport there, so things might change.

Custom at Kuala Baram must operate 24 hours from now to increasing of the bruneian to miri

Viva Labuan…happening no more at Miri dude

Good point !