Miri International Jazz Festival

i think sha has only intended to high-light your nice pics as he has only selected the 'quote’function from the BB Codes?
nothing rude or bad intended, i beleive? :smiley:

hehe! ‘spam’ is some very nice pics?! :mrgreen:[/quote]
its not spam, its a referrel link

He added his referral link in between the pictures that he quoted. Alar, from the link oredi can see, anything with ref=***** is a referral link

bt why would HE/SHe put those links on Cruidi’s Post…???

[quote=“Goolooloo”]hmm… i dun even use ticket to sneak in :stuck_out_tongue: shhh…
still wat colour u wear har?
Which side u stand? left or right from audience view[/quote]

i think consider as left side near where the piano is.

dark colour shirt so no one can really identify me :smiley:

What was the camera settings?

hi uchu keling:

i used mostly F2-F5.6 and shutter speed vary from 1/90-1/1000

those you see mostly with F2.8 shutter speed 1/160

ISO 800, on Canon 30D and 17-50 F2.8. Tamron SP90 F2.8 (thanks to dasolve) and 135F2L (thanks to Alex)

135F2L is very good for shooting event with limited lighting like this.The only disavantage is becos it’s prime lens,u have to use ur kaki to act as ZOOM :mrgreen: ( 135L is one of my MOST favourite lens,even i oledi tested 400 F5.6L,100-400 IS L,70-200 F2.8…)

yeah yeah yeah…i know, dasolve said you have one…and the first thing i reach there was asking where is my4to? i want to test out 135F2…then he told me Alex has one also…so hehe…finally still able to try…how much you got the lense har…

Cruidi nice shoots you got. I really enjoyed the jazz festival that night. If i did not bring my camera I would have joined them in the dance floor instead. I found my body shaking while shooting. Ha…and one thing…so many “lenlui” around. Myto sayang you did not appear.Here my posts,I… do not get good shoots . Please comments.

misa, nicely done dude (salute)

WAO,finally u re here,Misa :smiley:

great series u got there,super sharp and clean,very nice :smiley: If really need to comment,i will say the 1st pic with flash a bit harsh the shadow,and most of the pics from the same angle and composition,should try different angle or view,overall still very SUI !!!

haha…many ppl have nice skill here.

anymore pics anyone?

of course they are :smiley:

(busy scanning through about 1000 pics from both nights)…

post post post… i am waiting patiently. hehe

can. give me 1 week to have all of them done :smiley:

(eyes sore)

err… take yr time

Here’s somemore, just for you Goolooloo :wink:

really like that almost silhouette shot of the girl in the cap. that dash of green is a great accent!

thank you :wink:

expecting more from alexallied :smiley:

Cruidi and Misa, there’s more from both of you in my expectation :slight_smile: