Miri in the news for the wrong reason...again!

Source: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2007/3/17/nation/17171347&sec=nation

[size=150]High walls, guard no barrier to robbers[/size]
Saturday March 17, 2007

MIRI: They thought they had it all 24-hour armed security guard, high fences and alarm systems. Yet, these were no barriers to robbers.

Six men said to be armed with shotguns and swords robbed a businessman and his family

living in the upper class neighbourhood of Pujut here on Thursday.

They managed to break into the house, tie up the six family members and ransack the house of cash, jewelleries and other expensive items, said a source.

The source said the robbery took place while an armed guard was on duty outside the house.

Police are investigating how the robbers managed to gain entry into the house and escape without the guard realising it.

The guard was only alerted

to the robbery after the victims freed themselves. It was learnt that the victims were not harmed.

Robberies in housing estates carried out by people brandishing firearms seems to be on the increase in Miri.

Previously, such armed robbers targeted goldsmiths, money-changers and supermarkets in this oil-rich city.

I thought the robbers were caught. Must be just a handful out of 10,000 lurking around.

which house kena this time? any hint? Big house with guard… i think must be somewhere Pujut 3 or 4 punya la…

I only knew one that had a heavy security before…somewhere in pujut 3 …or was it 4 …large compound…guns are widely used in sarawak since before for hunting purposes…so I am not suprise…it could be anyone now.