Miri Election BN vs Pakatan Rakyat Soon

Hi all,

After we see Sibu election, soon Miri also have to do same.Let us discuss here let BN leader know what we need in Miri don’t just sit and look. Soon Mirian scenario politics will changed or might. No BN (Barang Naik) in Sarawak.Time To Change.If we Mirian still continue to support them we are suffer coz almost of stuff price will be increase of coz they are BN @ Barang Naik. It such a nonsense not relevance all housing price, food and so on in Miri increase lump sum.Hey Miri is not yet a metropolitan city compare to Kch or KL. BN If your do is to target Mirian who work in Shell or petronas but not all Mirian work with them. Think twice before you’re going down in Miri.

Coz of you BN we are far away compare to other country,why we complain coz our country “Mengamalkan Dasar Demokrasi”. We have a right for choosing good government to perform better to help people. :slight_smile: not to suck our money.

I would like to see Andy Chia going down…