Miri eateries must provide hot water for cutlery or lose licence

Yii briefs an eatery operator on the conditions of the trading licence.

MIRI: Eateries that fail to provide hot water for customers’ cutlery risk having their trade licences cancelled by the Miri City Council (MCC).

Miri Mayor Adam Yii pointed out that this is one of the 29 conditions that must be adhered to for licensing.

“There are 29 conditions attached to the licence issued to them by MCC. One of them is that they must put all of the eating utensils in hot water when serving them to their customers.

“This is compulsory. If not the customers can report them for not complying and action will be taken on them,” he told reporters when visiting Morsjaya eateries yesterday.

Yii explained for the first offence the operator would be given a warning, while those who continue to flout the rules will lose their trading licence.

The visit was to educate eateries on the conditions of their trading licence as well as to remind them to follow standard operating procedures (SOP) and guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“Generally they are complying but of course there’s always room for improvement. We are also inspecting their toilets as this is always one of the areas that need a lot of improvement,” Yii said.

He said those found with unhygienic or faulty toilets would be given around two weeks to resolve the issue.

“After about two weeks, our enforcement team will go back to inspect the toilet,” he said.

“We want to educate the people, but this is always not easy. There will always be some stubborn operators who just refuse to comply and we may have no choice but to cancel their licence.”

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