Miri Drag Race 2010

where to get those racing lisence???

I wish this years events,more cars will join. HO HO HO

2 days race!
1st day for heat 1 and heat 2, heard maybe got big bike category too!
2nd day is top 8 and final for all class!

car inspection will only do before race! no specific day for inspection liao!!!

wow. it’s getting more stricter. how i wish i can go back to miri.

Veilsupra…Airasia can tumpang u here maa…hehe


no good for the driver, more complicated mean more $ needed … ai…

RM400 for the entrance fee

new road near to IKBN & goKArt ? :mrgreen:

this year price increase!!!
2001-2008 borneo drag race entrance free = RM350
2009 = RM H1N1
2010 = RM400

2 days race!
5th June 2010 = heat 1 & heat 2
6th June 2010 = top 8 & final!

Heard from MMSC, willing to give Brunei Biker Club to join for Big Bike Drag!!!

I CAN’T WIAT ALREADY LA!!! ho ho ho ho I will come on final 5.30am!!! hahaha

boring already liao of this event! feel wanna go kuching or sandakan drag race!!! hv a look !!!

sandakan ke70 with 4age red colour strong ka? I saw the car at magazine… Red maroon colour…

gonna watch it only =p :mrgreen:


u should having the spirit of joining instead just for look see look see… :mrgreen:

[quote=“holydevil”]gonna watch it only =p :mrgreen:


a… All play 4g63… Any monster? hehe

4ag members build two engine for the event, hopefully both able to catch up for the race… pure made and tuned in Miri…
but unexpected 2wd n 4wd was put in same group which totally unfair for 2wd vehicle, hope both can be separated or else… might not taking part…


7A hybrid…

that 4A-GTE is gonna drive what car?

the 4ag rwd setup to put at what car JY?
nvm u x joining JY,u got all the experience alrdy.
u bcome the advisor for 4age participant afterward.hehe
i bcome supporter only.

u should having the spirit of joining instead just for look see look see… :mrgreen:[/quote]

If look see look see…& joining not winning can kah?hehe… :lol: :lol: