Miri Drag Race 2010


Date: 5th & 6th June 2010

Venue: Lutong old airport airstrip

More information will be out soon until i get the forms this week.

Stay tuned!



Thats the spirit. Join with your Lambo

Thats the spirit. Join with your Lambo[/quote]

Lambo not mine…xD

really missed the old days! the legendary hong seng evo. any hint of new participants?

this confirm liao izzit?
who organize?

miri drag already keluar form meh? how come SARSA havent received the permit? Anyhow,from this year on, AAM will govern and scrutinise all drag in Sarawak.All racers must have valid racing license issue by AAM. SARAWAK DRAG BATTLE series form is also out today.,.3 rounds, using points system.

confirm or still waiting for confirmation?

Miri international drag race i have not received any news but troy way did call my colleague about the permit/license bla bla…I need to inform early that this year all racers must have valid racing licence,so need to do medical checkup.lets hope this time our dear organizer will stop saying this “haiya this is kampung kampung race only”. Race professionally…Race with an attitude.heheh

Sarawak Drag Race series (league system) is on…form is out and the first round is on april 25. location sejingkat.

wow, wish i can join. how long will it be?

i will get to see the form tomorrow, by then it will be confirm by me.

I will go,wait so long liaw… ho ho ho ho

Miri new 2KM Drag Strip under construction! Schedule completion 25th March 2010… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:[attachment=0]IMG_0057a.jpg[/attachment]


ya right. haha. the cars that can wud be the ones without speed cut

NICE!!! hahahaha!!! any problem with the law enforcement or not to drive drag cars on the road? need permit for that day or need to bring the car on a truck or tow it kah, mr bulat?

when u register for the drag, u shud have a resit or documents stating u r one of the ppl entering the race. towing id for the cars without registration numbers. this race shud be approved by MCC or any other organization, otherwise it wud consider illegal.

maybe 20v can explain more on this, as he has many years of experience. Alexysl also can explain

Sounds reasonable. So no matter how heavily modified the car is, so long got receipt for the race and valid registration number and the driver having valid driving license there should not be a problem? confirm? very very sure? nanti go kena stop and tahan pulak…

maybe got dog tag?

as long as the drivers have license, that i agree.

i hope 20v will reply on the SURE thing statement. haha

on behalf of sarawak automotive racing sports association, let me answer.

1.A full fledge race car (using motorsports AP) should not be driven on the road.

2.If the car is still having a valid roadtax, then comes the issue of illegal vehicle modification. that is why it is better to tow the car to the respective track.

Now it is not only having a valid licence, but ALSO A VALID RACING LICENCE issued by AAM. This rule is imposed to all and no exemption will be given.

hope this explains clearly.

Race smartly, race with an attitude.

Now that’s better. Cheers dude!