Miri Developer Housing Price & Quality :-)

Hi, Have been a long time not visit this forum. now i come with a new topic for today. Okay we all know miri develop too fast especially housing development. There is a lot of company or developer for construct or build house in miri. This years just planing buying one housing for my own.

In Miri we have Kanjia, Naim, WSL, Homelite,Homemas and etc. I just go around to see what is value for money and quality, i know house price more likely RM300++ above. I see housing in miri build with low cost material but selling with high price for their housing.

For Naim i can’t talk too much cause low cost material but sell high price same goes like homemas. So anyone can review here which one developer or house more good in term of quality and value for money.

That is great thanks for sharing!

I will have to check with my brother and let you know.

My house buy from homemas developer!!betul betul kanasai,I live haven 1 year here rosak there Rosak need glue here and there…very very low quality and bad service…complaint they big boss and the boss we’ll block ur phone number n no need answer~Same with me that area bull by homamas all as many problem…N the floor they use low quality tiles All coming up n ask them to repair then they tell us not enough tiles to repair back to us!!!walao!!!need my floor look like zebra Crossing ah!!!ask form other solution Repair to us they don‘t answer me call n text!!!Damn developer ever!!!don buy the this developer house u will regret for life!!!

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