Miri Cub Prix 2007

:smiley: Hi Guys,

How’s everyone? Long time no see. I just came back from Miri after this fantastic event. I’m not sure how many of you aware that there’s actually a Cub Prix Race during last few days on the 7th & 8th April.

This is actually the first ever Cub Prix Race held in Miri, there are 18 riders are actually from Kuching. From Miri we only have Wong’s Motor with 2 riders. :wink: I joined Demak Racing Team Kuching.

The purpose of the race is to discover more talented rider from Sarawak to join our national racing team. These riders are divided into 2 groups, A & B(10 Riders each group). The top 5 from each group will be selected to join the coming race in June, and if they still manage to qualified themselves in top 5, they will be offered to join our national Petronas Racing Team.

Interesting - where was it held?

:oops: Opps…forgot to mention that, at Go-Kart Track.

Will do some photos upload later.

:wink: Photos done.

errr at go kart there…

Did u watch the race?

Silly as this may sound, i wasn’t even aware of it.

i was there…the gertaq team from kch won both novice a and b right? they have such a young rider i heard only 16 but managed to beat those in their 20s…ghee yong and demak gave a good fight…all the crowd were entertained by it, miri must have more of this event.

:oops: hehehe…yalor, most of them less than 20 yrs old only. I’m one of the uncle there…hehehe… :smiley: Anyway, I really enjoy racing with youngster```shiok!

nvm, hope this event will open the eyes of mirian to fought in motorsport heh…

Hopefully for those who really love racing & cornering can enjoy urself in there everyday or weekend. :smiley: