Miri cops arrest dozens of masseuses

Source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/1/19/nation/5500135&sec=nation

MIRI: Police here have arrested dozens of foot masseuses from China and Indonesia for massaging more than the feet of male clients.

In raids on several foot massage centres during the late night and wee hours over the weekend, many of the so-called professional masseuses were found in the nude with naked men. At one centre, police rounded up nearly 40 people.

The women are now being held for prostitution and the activities of the massage parlours are being probed. The male clients were released after their statements were taken.

A source said the police detained a middle-aged manager at one of the massage centres for questioning. He may be charged with operating a prostitution den.

The raids were carried out following complaints from members of the public who were not aroused by the goings-on in the massage centres.

The foreign masseuses, in their 20s, are said to be not only massaging the feet of male clients, but also offering massage on the most sensitive part of the body, as well as sex.

One hour of massage can cost up to RM150 or RM200 depending on the nationality and physical attributes of the masseuse.

Initial probe showed that the masseuses were from mainland China and some provinces in Kalimantan, a source told The Star.

These women entered the state on work permits, recruited as professional foot masseuses but had been used by certain quarters here to offer sexual services, said the source.

Certain parts of Miri City have become red-light districts because of the mushrooming of these so-called foot massage centres, mostly styled as reflexology centres.

China dolls in revealing dresses and skirts can be seen soliciting for clients along the five-foot ways leading to these centres, as well as in coffeeshops and restaurants.

During the weekends, they come out in droves because of the influx of visitors from Brunei. Miri is only 35km south of the Brunei border.

China dolls also ply their trade in high-class hotels, motels, pubs and karaokes lounges.


How come I never come across a china doll b4? How to recognize ar?


How come I never come across a china doll b4? How to recognize ar?[/quote]

Try go see the below thread and maybe will lead you to those china doll massage centre.



Good…arrest the old ones, then new ones would come :smiley:

hahahahahaha agree Ronaldo7!!!

show only mah, areest tapi keluar kat pintu belakang balai…:slight_smile:

HLChin… how do you know? I do not think so cause if operation like that… i think Bkt Aman will be involve…

HLChin… how do you know? I do not think so cause if operation like that… i think Bkt Aman will be involve…[/quote]

that correct…bukit aman involve.

I saw the plainclothes police men chasing2 at Beautiful Jade Centre last saturday evening. Maybe arresting those prostitute.

haha…good. Should arrest them all. They are polluting Miri town. My friend told me there’s one centre that do thai massage whereby the customer have to go naked and then the masseuse will massage the customer and then body will also touch the customer. Female customers are allowed though…but if male customers also hv to go naked and the masseuse hv to use body massage…then no need to say lah. U guys know what to expect alrdy. U see the way they wear skimpy clothings, u know how ‘decent’ they are alrdy.

annunaki, u go imperial mall u still see a lot of china dolls. I always see them doing their groceries at the supermarket in Imperial Mall.