Miri Community Facebook page

Hi, it’s been a while since i post anything here, even the design changed. I just want to say that everytime i went to MCNet official FB page (there’s an imitation page as well), i would feel like i wanna stop living on this planet. There are so many… i don’t know how to say it… posts and comments that made me goes “Whoa, whoa ,whoa”. The experience is so different than actually logging in the actual MCNet website (minus the official forum troll) of course. Lolz.

I know for sure there are plenty of Facebook Miri Community groups / pages out there - last I search have resulted possibly more than 100 of them (even some with intentional spelling error in their group name). Nothing against them, I think it just goes to show more people are keen in starting & managing their own groups on the platform they are comfortable with. Currently we are only maintaining 2 sites on Facebook: a group and a page.

Chin-up and don’t be disheartened. The experience is definitely different when using different platforms. Here in the forums, we’re still maintaining our original aim - allowing anonymous registration, having a discussion platform if you are not interested in using social media, and also a “home” presence for the online Miri community where it all started. :smiley:

Correct sir. There used to be a time when i was hooked with MCNet, before work and responsibilities take over. Glad to say that it’s a fun experience being one of the forumers. As for the FB page, well… i do well to steer clear of it nowadays. Time to return back to the actual MCNet pages for me.

Post on pages or groups are hard to find them back.