Miri City to get second street mural

Work on the new mural near the entrance to Miri Times Square is in progress.

MIRI: Miri City is set to get a second street mural, a geometrical design that is set to catch the eyes of art lovers.

It will be put up at the entrance to the Miri Times Square.

Mayor Adam Yii told The Borneo Post yesterday that the mural sponsored by private enterprises is much welcome by the city council as it will help in beautifying Miri’s landscape.

“About four to five years ago, the first ever large mural was drawn under the 1M4U initiative at the Miri Handicraft Centre.

“This mural will definitely be welcome by the locals, especially the young people, with the colours and design.”

In fact, Yii added, the city council was overjoyed when they were informed of the idea to set up the second mural and quickly approved it.

“We are happy to see private enterprises willing to collaborate with artists for the project and we look forward to the result,” he said.

Yii welcomes more efforts to beautify Miri City with murals to create good vibe that could boost the tourism industry.

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