Miri 'City' .... How can the 'City' be improved?

I was in the Miricom Lounge and I bumped into that ‘sticky note’ that was posted and asking Miri community to vote their say on what they think of Miri. This is actually something that has been in my mind to bring up here in this community and to know what’s their response. The choices that are given are - (Excellent), (Good, friendly people, enjoyed my stay here),(Could’ve been better. Hoping to see some improvements),(Slightly disappointed. Doesn’t live up to hype),(Really disappointed. Not up to expectations).

To my surprise, none voted for excellent! Why nobody feels that Miri is an excellent place to stay?? Yeah, and I have to admit that I’m one of those and let me say why …

  1. Miri has been given a status of a ‘City’ but, sadly to say, it doesn’t live up to that title.
  2. Miri is my hometown, and again it is unfortunate to say that I don’t feel safe in my own place. You hear rampant theft and robbery cases around, their bags got snatched, houses being robbed and cars got stolen (mind you, my car got stolen here in Miri … of all the places). I’ve had that car for quite sometimes and i had it when i was in KL and thereafter in Kuching, but, it got stolen here in Miri!!. This place is just not safe anymore.
  3. Good places to hang out are limited.
  4. Restaurants serving good food are limited.
  5. Limited place to shop, eventhough, I would say, Miri does have the buying power, due to the ‘strategic’ place near to Brunei and also the O&G industries here.

Hmm, I can go on and on with this, but, I can let you all to continue that.

Ok, don’t get me wrong, it is not that bad of a place at all. It is a town that has a potential to be developed and improved.

Now, the questions are, how and what can be improved? Maybe, this community can suggest this to the Miri Council.

I think the drainage system is sub-standard

why are the drains open? and why is there no sewage treatment system here?

I feel sad to see young kids play and fish in the ‘drains’…do they know they are playing in the sewage from thousands of Mirians?!!

I could add another thing here…What is the point of having a marina when there is absolutely no reason for luxury boats, yachts to sail to Miri. What could they do in Miri?

In comparison, the marina in KK and Langkawi is better becuase there are tonnes of things to do there. KK has a fantastic water front, good shops, beach restaurants etc…

I have been looking around; we can create a very nice water front too at the shops along the Yee Ha Hai restaurant. This place is like a gold mine waiting to explode…but sadly no one sees the potential…Open few nice pubs there (something like the Island). This place currently only have few dodgy pubs and odd shops…What a waste…

Are Miri-ans such a distasteful lots??

here r my suggestions:

  1. develop satellite town (senadin, luak, airport) to ease the congestion PLUS mini police stations
  • senadin n permyjaya r hot spot 4 break in(s), yet the police seem to care less.
  1. utilize the city fan area
    -big space but so lifeless, need more cultural events to held there.

  2. cleaner beach

  • tanjung lobang is sooo yesterday!!
  • tanjung aru in KK is beautiful!!
  1. i heard that an INTERNATIONAL SCHOOl will be set up in miri to cater expat’s need
  • more job for the local (admin staffs, lecturer, teacher)
  1. better emergency services (hospital, fire n rescue, police)
  • we heard the complaints about hospitals here
  • need to improve
  1. develop other industries
  • oil n gas can dried up, so r we ready for it (as miri is oiltown)
    NOTE: kemamam is also oil town but it was like sri aman there…hehehe

The Road also is a problem they always Cut a line thru the road then after that they repair the road and it never been so balance one !!!
All i can say is “The Only Unique things that Miri Have Have”

And The Price in Miri always Keep Changing “Everything Goona BE Expensive”
How does one with RM500 salary gonna Live thru that ~

A tax-free Miri?:roll: :roll: :roll:

A huge pay raise from boss!

It would be good if there was a water theme park or something like that park in Brunei with all those cool rides

Here is my suggestions,

1) Break the monopoly
Miri is a safe heaven for the rich and influential. They run the place like the own the place. They do what they please and whatever them make them richer. Their style of doing business are hurting the younger entrepreneurs to close their business do to unfair competition. We might have to step back to go forward for this but a little step back might help us to leap further.

2) Educate the people to live up the hype of been a “city”
Miri will not or never be a true city if the people mindset is still like people from “kampung” (no offence to those live in kampung). Most don’t value quality, no respect for others (especially those they don’t know), have no respect for the law (they live like every law can be broken or now law at all), and many more. Teach Mirian to be a responsible citizen. Value quality for better lifestyle & respect other people for a peaceful life. Teach them that they are not better then the rest.

3) Encourage Grow of Other Industry
Although Miri is known as a “Resort City”, there are nothing “resort” about this city. Surviving on a 100 years old dying industry, Miri is heading towards a wrong direction. Tourism is not growing and the increasing living expenses mean another reason for tourist not to stop by in Miri. Miri is lacking of something that will attract tourist, even i believe Mirian have the same opinion. Tourism industry is a good industry as it is less dependent on material resources and the profit is good. Not to mention how tourism industry can help improve other industries such as F&B (Food & Beverage), Hotel industry and other services industry.

4) Improve safety
This might be most people op of the list improvement attribute to improve Miri. For me, this is one of the easies to achieve if we can achieve the three attributes above. Most crime is committed by people in desperation. This desperation appear because of the pressure to survive. If one live in a place that does not allow the person to earn a decent living from themselves and family, a lot will turn to crime. Miri and the rest of Malaysia is bless to be situated where we don’t experience most of the worst natural disaster. Therefore, we should life life to the fullest, improve the life of every single citizen and slowly, crime will be reduce and hopefully gone.

QB, agreed with your post except move #4 to #1 in priority … 8)

put miri into limelight by holding it’s citizens hostage. ransom for 1 billion ringgit or else kill the population with nerve gas missiles. and get bbc, al-jazeera & cnn to cover the news.

just my dua cents :wink:

Apai, 1 billion Ringgit only??

enuff la, ian. good starting capital for terrorism business :wink:

I wish Miri was just a town and not trying to be a city.

there are plans to build this themes park at lambir area there…but dunno whether it is true or not la…

Before Miri became A Resort City. They said we would have an International Airport! And after Miri become City no international flight. How can Miri become a Resort City? What a joke! The major revenue comes from tourism, especially international tourist. They are the big spender compare to local tourist. Because of recent flight problem all the tourist went to other countries like Thailand & Indonesia for vacation. I would too coz its has lots of beautiful beaches and attraction which is cheap. They won’t waste time on stupid flight delays when the traveling expense is expensive. This is the major cause, who wants to spend more with all the frustrations which can spoil moods for a vacation.

if talk about become a real city, i think still hv to wait for another 5 yrs more lar!!!

poor road condition from senadin to town area!
bad road condition n without any lighting certain road @ location!

thanks for supporting wat i said…i put safety #4 because i believe we should solve a problem right into the root of the problem. i believe crime start from the environment and by having a better environment, we can reduce the crime…but of course, building a safer city is a must no matter what is the environment…

QB, thanks for your suggestions, and yes you’ve hit it right on!

Now, as Miri Community, how can we bring this forward?