Miri City Football Club?

(safri7751) #1

i have always thinking about how incredible it is IF Miri would have a football club that represents the division, playing in Malaysian League. It’s a shame that a huge state like Sarawak have only one professional team playing in Malaysian Super League. I wonder if that idea would even become a reality.


(united84) #2

No offense but I think the football club representing Sarawak is already experiencing lack of funds. In fact, cant recall which state couldnt even pay their import players the wages on time. If Miri were to have their own football club, who is going to sponsor ? unless players are all volunteer who play for free teehee.


(safri7751) #3

yeah that’s very true indeed.

we can start as a very small club, playing in lower leagues. it would definitely cost a lot, but the club would have local sponsors, as well as local support. we could start a trust fund to get the club keep going. this is where supporters play their roles. the club could sell official merchandises, open matchday sponsorships. imagine whole Miri, supporting a club representing Miri.

i am actually inspired about the idea from small local clubs in england. i have never been there, but i have seen videos, and documentaries about small clubs playing in lower leagues in england, that represents the county, community et cetera. it doesn’t have to start as a pro team. we can always start as amateur team, managed professionally.