Miri City Council must ensure dog pound treats animals with care

MIRI: Cruel treatment or neglect of strays cannot be condoned and caretakers of the city council dog-pound must treat strays humanely, said Sarawak Tourism Assistant Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin.

During the site inspection, Lee was shown the corrective action, cleaning works and the additional measures taken by the city council.

“Detailed briefings were given to caretakers, workers, stray dog catching teams and contractors at dog pounds and dumpsites. The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for catching and disposal of stray dogs during this rabies outbreak period has been displayed and serve as reminder to those who are on duty there. The caretakers and workers at the dog pound have been directed not to carry out malpractices and should there be any outsiders or the public carrying out indiscriminate dumping, they should stop them and report the matter immediately to the authorities concerned,” said Lee during the site inspection at the dog pound here.

Two caretakers are now employed and stationed to look after the stray dogs, including providing them with food and cleaning the animals.

Meanwhile, the dog pound constructed at Kuala Baram consists of 27 cages and it provides adequate space and a clean surrounding for stray dogs that are caught and sheltered temporarily at the dog pound.

The dog pound is also fenced up to prevent public entry as it is considered a contagious area with a high risk of virus contamination.

During the rabies outbreak period, the city council, on the directive of higher authorities, are not allowed to entertain any request of release of stray dogs that were caught and put in the dog pound.

There is also an isolated area at the dumpsite, a far distance from dog pound, that has been identified for sanitary burial of carcasses. The carcasses would be buried in the excavated cell to a depth of a minimum of four feet. Sanitation measures are taken using lime powder, chlorine or other sanitation products before the burial.

Meanwhile, the Miri veterinary office will continue to collect samplings of stray dogs kept in the dog pound. So far, 26 samples have been collected, inclusive of 10 samples recently after the outbreak. The outcome of the samples collected is still not known.

Also, the State Disaster Management Committee announced that two cases were reported in Miri.

Among those present at the site visit Miri city mayor Adam Yii Siew Yang, state assemblyman Datuk Sebastian Ting, chairperson of Miri Disaster Management Committee who is also the Miri division resident, councillor Peter Chia, officers from the Miri resident office, Miri veterinary office as well as officers and contractor of Miri City Council’s public cleansing and maintenance section.

Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2018/10/11/miri-city-council-must-ensure-dog-pound-treats-animals-with-care/