Miri Car Booth Sale!

Hye everyone…want to ask and give some opinion here.
When Miri want to organize Car booth sale??? Just like last time in Tanjong Lubang at Taman Selera there.(last few years ago)

Anyone can give suggestion on how/when/where?:lol:

My suggestion here,what if we try to make it for this year end sale??

Hope to hear your feedback guys…

hi…i think miri got one la…last sunday 8/11/09 i went to dewan suarah n saw the nyonya2…thod it was 2ndhand shirt or wat…

u mean car boot sale ka?

is it? :cry: …really don’t know about the event… melepas lerrrr!!

Yes2… got booth at my car boot … :stuck_out_tongue:

I was at the dewan suarah last week and surveyed through the sales.
I remembered I was one of the first few vendors many years ago where we sold lots of items at the Taman Selera. Sales was very good and the location was a tribute where lots of holiday-goers spent their time there. At the present location, not many people are aware that there is a car booth sale.
I used to remember that even the Indonesian workers came the whole way from Kuala Baram to purchase an item or two, and best sales were nearing the Hari Raya where all the malay traditional dresses were sold like pisang panas!
When I looked at the sales held at the present venue, I felt so sad for these vendors. I suggest the organisers should consider scouting for a suitable location where people can easily go there and where there is happenings!!