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Hi all… I’ve got a set of brand new AC Foot Rest Pedal (Replica) for BMW E36
Easy Installation ,it’s just screw on.
Selling for RM220 Negotiable
location: Miri
Please PM me if you’re interested , Thanx

Anyone selling E36 3series? how much is the price range?

if i’m not mistaken…there is one at chong brother

is it? 320?

yea…320i maroon color or red i forgot…50K+++ if i din get it wrong…1 lady owner previously…still in good condition last i check before i bought mine… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

well…if you do purchase the car…welcome to the community…that is if you are intending to join… :mrgeen:

i tot tat bimmer was sold?!! (blur)

no eh…y don u drop by thr & hav a look??i cant coz im not around…or…mayb can get some forumer to help you find…can you post the model pic you wan?

Mr chai!!! still looking for E36?

[WTB] E30 OEM rear spoiler

anyone hav this spoiler for sale…? (pm me)

yea N1RS,hahaha! E36 is a nice car :slight_smile:

yea man! it rocks! love the E36 M3!

how many member do we have in M.B.C?? Ben,u wanna join?

currently ONLY ME!!! hahahaha…sad sad…

don sad bimmer guy…lolz. i wil join if i got my E36 8)

kancil converted to 1 series can join ar? :mrgreen:

oh~ tat’s sure is a relief…surely we will make alot of gathering… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

sure… :? :? :shock: :shock: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

kancil convert to 135i???..(twin turbo dude!!)

B.M.W slim edition, B.M.X can join?

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