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(zaharibb) #81

[quote=“annunaki”]how to start blogging? Is it like twitter? Sorry I’m not the ‘gossip’ king kind of person. But it does make you popular ;p[/quote]To blog is not to gossip. Blogging can be educational, knowledge sharing, experience sharing, tutorial, tips and such. So bloggers are not gossipers. Therefore don’t worry if you do not know how to gossip.

(syringe) #82

does anyone think blogs are dead now?
They just seem so boring to me and uninteresting

Facebook rocks!

(Awesomian1st) #83

Are there still Bloggers in Miri?

(allokitty) #84

I wonder where all the Mirian blogger went? I used to be lot of interesting blog to read about Miri back then. I think 2018 everyone going whatsapp…hmmm…

(Awesomian1st) #85

from what i heard, there’s quite a few big names hiding in Miri. they dont share the fact that they’re in Miri… But big names nontheless…

You have a wordpress blog?

(allokitty) #86

Maybe facebook destroy blog circle i guess. I don’t have wordpress blog because my website exist before wordpress thing but i’m more to tech development, design, social hobby activity and blog some article here: https://www.supermotoxl.com/

I always post some latest happening in tech education in miri and other hobby stuff.

(Jackson Liaw) #87

I think they are called Content Creators now. :wink:

You know what, I’m thinking along the same line too and have been reviewing the trends & changes throughout the years. Writing & reading are totally different from watching & reacting we’ve been seeing the social media. With Google+ shutting down next year, FB losing billions in advertising revenue due to trust issues, and Twitter’s algorithm & toxic environment, users are looking for alternatives for their social fix. Maybe this is where blogging gets a reboot?

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