Miri Bloggers Meet

(Smallee) #61

sure be there if i m around… :lol:

(Smallee) #62

wow… all the bloggers… i m still waiting to see more picture la… throw in more plzzzz…

(ian) #63

ArcAngelD’s compiling a scrap book. Those in my site are all I have which are good and complete. The rest are either a total blur or someone eating while I snapped the photo (perfect timing :? ).

(Jackson Liaw) #64

Thanks to ArcAngelD for putting together this year’s Miri Bloggers Meet wallpaper. :smiley:


Download Wallpaper:
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1024 x 768
800 x 600

(calista) #65

WOW! meriah nya! :lol:

(Sil_30) #66

One Big Happy Blog Tree…

(ryabren) #67

[size=200]Fantastic!!! :o[/size]

(Uchu Keling) #68

when is the next one?

(LadyBird) #69

eeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…don knw… :oops:

(Florence) #70

cool event. But too bad I missed it. Hope can join the next one. :slight_smile:

(antujelu) #71

me too hoping to join the next one…when arr???hehehe

(cheekui) #72

hehe, I am eager to join the next one too :wink: Shall we organize something like that? :stuck_out_tongue:

(LadyBird) #73

Can y cannot leh…

(GeminiGeek) #74

Christmas Blogger Meet. What do you all say?? :smiley:

(ykuek) #75

i didnt make it last time… little bit of suggestion, with 20+ ppl we can actually hav some programs eg lucky draw, or awards for most popular bloggers, small presentation etc etc

tat will make it worth for media to do coverage hehehehe…

(jack-jack) #76

hmm…am i too late ? i’m a newbie in blogging hehehe so am i welcome to join this blog tree ?

oh ya which 1 here is the tall black darren ??!!??

(cweelee) #77

I hope I can join in the next gathering…make sure i’ll be bringing my but back to Miri

(zaharibb) #78

The hardworking force behind the last Miri Bloggers gathering was ladybug. There was no gathering this time around.

(annunaki) #79

how to start blogging? Is it like twitter? Sorry I’m not the ‘gossip’ king kind of person. But it does make you popular ;p

(LadyBird) #80

popular in what sense annunaki? are you having the thoughts of blogger like to gossip? enlighten me please coz i fail to understand your statement. :expressionless: