Miri Bloggers Meet

(LadyBird) #41

Gentle reminder on d meet…

I’ve made an arrangement wt Siamese Secret to reserve 2 tables for our meet. Shud ter b more members joining, tables n chairs will be added. The tables are located at Siamese Secret open area - opposite d restaurant outdoor kitchen (hopefully it’s not gonna rain hehehe…).

Those who neva meet me b4, xworry coz if u c a crazy woman running around Siamese Secret…that will be me… :lol: :lol:

I’ll be there before 7.30pm 4 registration purpose so c u all there later k… :wink:

(ian) #42

Just to make sure, how many are confirmed tonight coming? I’ll be coming, taking up two seats.

(GeminiGeek) #43

Let’s list out who’s going:

ian (taking 2 seats. big ass indeed :stuck_out_tongue: )
GeminiGeek (taking 2 seats as well, if my friend can make it)
michellious (saw her comment on ArcAngelD’s blog and her blog, she will be occupying 3 seats)

13 people?

(ian) #44

Maybe if you know the person’s contact, call them up or text them to confirm it? I might be bringing a friend along.

(ian) #45

13 people?[/quote]

“Miri’s Thirteen” :lol:

(LadyBird) #46

LadyBird’s fren - Nasi Lemak Roti Canai Teh Tarik (invited blogger)
Mad Paradox

(Apai_Mau) #47

someone represent me pls… :mrgreen:

(LadyBird) #48

Hw abt me?

(Smallee) #49

[quote=“LadyBird”]LadyBird’s fren - Nasi Lemak Roti Canai Teh Tarik (invited blogger)
Mad Paradox

Ladybird… i can’t make it… soleeee… still far away from home… but make sure u put up some pictures ok… to make me jealous… :lol: :lol:

(ian) #50

First photos up here.

(Jackson Liaw) #51

Ah… the first batch of photos are up! Thanks Ian. It was nice being able to meet all of you that were there. :smiley:

(zaharibb) #52

I appreciate the invitation by Ladybird to be at the recent Miri Bloggers meet. Its an experience that I never expected to be with circle of bloggers for the first time and get to know a few blogger in person after visiting and reading their blogs before. Hope to be able to experience this kind of gathering again in future. Miri has always leave me with nostalgic memories.


(Jackson Liaw) #53

Hi zaharibb,

Glad to have meet you last night. By the way, I’ve added your blog to the Miricom Bloggers Digest - links to your articles will appear on the frontpage of MiriCommunity.net whenever you have new articles published. Will continue to add the rest of the bloggers’ site into the digest when LadyBird comes online later to share the attendance list. :smiley:

(zaharibb) #54

Thanks for adding. I appreciate it. Hope it was not the first and last time I meet bloggers in Miri. Where did Ian upload the photos of the meet last night?

(Smallee) #55

Hi Zaharibb… welcome to Mc.net… as for your question posted, please scroll up to Ian’s latest post and click on the link that he throw in…

Ian… nice photos… looking forward to see more…

By the way… looks like u guys have a Taikor in the bloggers meeting ya…haha :lol:

(LadyBird) #56

Dear all,

There’s no other better word 2 describe my appreciation to all of you who have attended the meet apart from [size=200]THANK YOU[/size]. Without your support, all of this would not happen. :smiley:

Actually, I was overwhelm on the response last night as this meet was initiated by a spontenous plan in mind. So I apologise for anything that doesn’t meet your expectations and looking forward to meet you all again in person or in our virtual world (blog) in the near future. :wink:

For your information, I will email respective bloggers attended the meet last nite based on the ‘Attendance List’ and hopefully to see us ‘connected’ in our blog by linking our url address (coz I’m gonna do tat in my blog :wink: )

Apart from this, ArcAngelD is still working on the meet digital version of scrapbook so stay tune for this… :slight_smile:

(Smallee) #57

Ladybird… Well done… ariyos… :stuck_out_tongue:

(LadyBird) #58

U shud thanks everybody Smallee nt me… :smiley:

(Smallee) #59

U shud thanks everybody Smallee nt me… :D[/quote]

O…ok… Well done to Ladybird for making this meet up… and thanks for all bloggers in supporting and coming… :wink:

me still far away… greeting from Indonesia… :lol: :lol:

(LadyBird) #60

Tats more like it Smallee… :wink:

Looking 4ward 2 c in our nxt MC.Net Gathering coming sooooonnnnn… :smiley: