Miri Bloggers Meet

(LadyBird) #1

I’m planning to organise a bloggers meet and it’s open to all Mirian bloggers out there. Well, the meet is also open to non based Mirian bloggers if you wish to join the group or happen to be in Miri at that time. The more the merrier…:wink:

Tentative date: 1st - 7th July 2007 (to be confirm once responses received)
Venue: Siamese Secret (you may bring your laptop as wi-fi service here is free)
Time: 7.30-8.00pm

All food and drinks may be at your own expenses, it depends on how many bloggers show up. The purpose here is to unify bloggers based in Miri to come forth, intermingle and go crazy! So, do come forward peeps…:smiley:

Kindly confirm your attendance by 30th June 2007 by contacting me at ladybirdakamolly@gmail.com or you may also confirm your attendance online at my gmail address. :wink:

p/s Any updates will be posted from time to time… 8)

(Apai_Mau) #2

Cant make it. Will only be around after 9th.

(Cupid) #3

Meeoow…I like the idea…Ladybird-can I come as a human? :wink: BTW I’m a beer-guzzing ■■■■■…Is beer available there??? :roll:

(LadyBird) #4

Yes Cupid, Siamese Secret does serve beer so xworry on tat n wud luv 2 meet u in ‘human’ o else I’ll place u on my lap shud u change 2 a kitty once d clock struck 8 12midnite… :lol: :lol:

Apai Mau…it’s ok if u can’t mk it…understd yr ‘heavy’ schedule, we cn owest meet up 4 coffee 8 SunCity in d near future… :wink:

Cmmon peeps…u don need 2 b an active blogger 2 join tis meet so don b shy 2 come 4ward…or if u r plannin 2 blog n don knw hw & where 2start, tis meet may provide u d answers… 8)

Lookin 4ward 2 hear frm u all…peaceeee :smiley:

(ian) #5

I should be okay. What’s the confirmed date? I’d like Apai Mau to join.

(LadyBird) #6

Ian, ter’s no confirmed date yet as I’m wanna c d response on d prefered date.

Fyi, Apai Mau only b ard on d 9th July onward… 8)

(LadyBird) #7

Based on d statistic, ter r 90 viewers out ter viewing tis post. TQ 4 spendin yr time 2 read it… 8)

But so far only 3 (Apai Mau, Cupid & Ian) dare 2 come 4ward so hw abt d rest??? :roll:

Appreciate yr feedback on tis so keep it rolling k… :wink:

(GeminiGeek) #8

i should be able to make it. do update me from time to time. havent visit this forum in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

(LadyBird) #9

Will do… :slight_smile:

(tensaigamer0) #10

aiyer…im now living in kl @@… next week monday i start at taylors UC here… i miss miri :smiley:

(LadyBird) #11

2 bad u cant join bt perhaps u cn join in nxt time…neway gud luck in yr study… 8)

(KVReninem) #12

tooo bad cant join ~

(GeminiGeek) #13

Blogged about it. Be sure to notify me of any changes by leaving a comment there (blog plug lagi! :stuck_out_tongue: )

http://geminigeek.com/blog/archives/200 … -bloggers/

(ArcAngelD) #14


Cool… I remember our previous MBM rite Geminigeek? (not that impressive… hahahaha)

Anyways I’d love to join… thought make it after the 5th July or something as I am busy from the 1st till the 5th during that time…


(LadyBird) #15

Aduuuhhh…I need a plan here… :smiley:

Any suggestions on wat u guys wanna do on tat day??

(Cupid) #16

I wanna shake & belly dance like Shakira with you & everyone all nite long! :twisted:

(Jackson Liaw) #17

Count me in guys! :smiley:

(LadyBird) #18

Thanks 4 d support guys…keep it coming… :slight_smile:

As for now, ter r 9 confirmed and lookin 4ward 2 c more 2 join…I wud like 2 c d no. increase as I’m lookin into of making a good deal wt Siamese Secret on d food & drink…perhaps some discount :wink:

In short, if u intend 2 join on last minute, u may not njoy d special price given so y wait…u may leave yr participation here o email me. :smiley:

(chilskater) #19

count me in…just now my blog was blocked at c****n…bcoz i posted evidence of misconduct or abuse of power by one of the IT staff…guess he read it abd asked network person to block it…


(LadyBird) #20

Xworry Chill, keep on bloggin…thanks 4 d blog add… :smiley: