Miri best hotels in 2017?


(Ask) #1

What are the best hotels in Miri for the year 2017? How do you rate their services and location?


(Jackson Liaw) #2

Every alternate month the company will put me in the Imperial Palace Hotel for 1 night before heading out to the rig in the Miri waters the next morning. Each time when arriving and checking in very late in the evening, the reception counter is always friendly and understanding to quickly get me signed-in and hand out the key to the room together with the Wifi login details. Overall the room is clean, hot water works, and wifi works as well. In the morning, the complimentary free breakfast is good with plenty of choices. Like the location of the hotel as it is near to my favorite fried kway teow place at 5050 Cafe which is a quick walking distance away for supper.

(Kamil) #3

My family have fond memories of wedding events held at the Grand Palace Hotel in the Pelita Commercial Centre area: